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Enterprise Vault Compression Ratio

Created: 20 Feb 2013 • Updated: 02 Mar 2013 | 5 comments
This issue has been solved. See solution.

I need to confirm the following and need a pointer in the right direction:

Confirm the total email storage capacity currently stored in the Enterprise Vault deployment and confirm the compression ration on the archive. 

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If you search in the forum on 'archive size sql' you will find several scripts.

I use the below: Replace YourVaultStoreDatabase with the name of your VaultStoreDatabase

SELECT A.ArchiveName,
       COUNT(S.IdTransaction) "Num. Items Archived",
       SUM(S.ItemSize)/1024 "Archived Items Size (MB)",
       SUM(SP.OriginalSize)/1024/1024 "Original Email Size (MB)"
FROM   EnterpriseVaultDirectory.dbo.Archive A,
       EnterpriseVaultDirectory.dbo.Root R,
YourVaultStoreDatabase.dbo.ArchivePoint AP,
YourVaultStoreDatabase.dbo.Saveset S,
YourVaultStoreDatabase.dbo.SavesetProperty SP
WHERE  S.SavesetIdentity = SP.SavesetIdentity
  AND  S.ArchivePointIdentity = AP.ArchivePointIdentity
  AND  AP.ArchivePointId = R.VaultEntryId
  AND  R.RootIdentity = A.RootIdentity
GROUP BY A.ArchiveName

Also if you have EV reporting ( on a SQL reporting server), there are SIS reports.

Thank you, Gertjan, MCSE, MCITP,MCTS, SCS, STS

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Do I run this as an SQL query against the vault store database?

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You're not gonna really see much space savings from compression except for really big items, the user information and converted content will make it as big, if not bigger than most small items

Real space savings comes from SIS
You should use usage reports and sis reports for SQL Reporting

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Oh and the SQL query Gertjan posted goes across directory and vault store database, you will have to change yourVaultStore to the name of your vault store database

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we were asked the to confirm the following by third party:

Confirm the total email storage capacity currently stored in the Enterprise Vault deployment? i have checked the size of the vault store partitions folders on the SAN and they are 122GB and 60GB, however when running the report in the EV console vault store usage reporter it says total size of items 194MB.

 confirm the compression ration on the archive? would this script provide that answer.