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Enterprise Vault deployment with hosted exchange server 2010

Created: 20 Feb 2013 | 7 comments
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Dear Experts,

Need your expert help! We have our exchange 2010 hosted in remote data center. Now we want to deploy Enterprise Vault 10 on same in our office. So the scenario is Exchange with AD is in remote hosted location and EV with its SQL DB will be in our office. I have seen the docs and they recommend to put both exchange and EV in same location but we cant do that as of now.. So what are my options tod o the same without compromising security (want to open min. ports). Please advise on:

1. Do i need to make my EV and SQL-DB for EV member of my Exchange AD? what are the min. ports required to be open for this? Also is there any difference in ports required if i do only exchange journaling archiving or journaling with mailbox archiving?

2. Or i can make EV and SQL-DB for EV member of my local domain (in my office) and still can add my exchange 2010 for archiving? what are the min. ports required to be open for this? Also is there any difference in ports required if i do only exchange journaling archiving or journaling with mailbox archiving?

Please help as we want to know what are our options on this.

Thanks a ton for help in advance!!!

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So are the two domains in the same forest?  Or different forests?

EV can archive across forests, or across domains.

In the end SQL and EV being 'together' means that they can talk to each other.  Other than that EV needs connectivity to Exchange 'just like a user does' .. only heavier.  Outlook is installed on the EV server, and if you can get that to connect to Exchange, to the system mailbox, the vault service account mailbox, and/or a regular user mailbox, then you're 'in'.

In addition:

^^ A reasonable starting point

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If you mean 'hosted' does that mean you are not in control? Ie is this a 'cloud' based solution?

Then look at EV.Cloud, which might be helpfull also.

Thank you, Gertjan, MCSE, MCITP,MCTS, SCS, STS

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Dear Rob,

Thanks for the reply. The two domain are in different forest without any trust relationship.

What will be my scenario? what kind of account i need in Exchange that being in diffirent forest? please help to calrify.

Also we cant go for


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There is a bit of information here:

And in the 'Installing and Config' guide for Enterprise Vault.

Cross-forest works.. but you need forest trusts and so on.

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Hello Satish,

The following documents should help you 

Managing Exchange Migrations with Symantec Enterprise Vault
Domain/Forest Trust is required in order to archive mailboxes on an Exchange Server in another Windows Server forest.
How to move archive-enabled mailboxes from one Exchange server to another
Archiving Exchange 2010 White paper -


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Dear All,

Thanks for reply. If i only do exchange journal archive, do i still need cross domain trust? What are the min. ports required and in only exchange jouranal archive scenario? Do i still need Vault service account in exchange domain? or my local domain service account for EV will do?


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Dear Experts,

Please advise on trust requirement for only journal archiving with min. ports required to be open between EV and Exchange, EV and domain controller of exchange. My situation is that my EV with its SQL is in domain and Exchange with its DC is in domain As of now both forest are working independently.

Please help accordingly as one of my culleage is saying we didnt need any port other than https to our exchange server in domain from our EV in domain

Thanks in advance!!!