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Enterprise Vault Disaster Recovery

Created: 10 Jul 2013 • Updated: 29 Aug 2013 | 4 comments
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We are using Enterprise Vault 9.0.2 on two servers in a single site supporting around 5000 users using UNC path to connect to multiple 2 TB size volumes (6 numbers of 2 TB of volumes) . We are thinking to move this to Hyper-V and then achieve Disaster Recovery across the site by replicating the 2 TB Size volume where the open partition exists which will have the last 1 year archive data which is enough for the duration of DR, thus avoiding replicating the whole 5 year plus data on the archive.

Any suggestions about the approach and whether anyone have a working DR setup similar to the above. Appreciate expert guidance on this.

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Do you use Discovery Accelerator or Compliance Accelerator or have any particular Compliance and regulatory rules for your company? Because it might be that you should keep all data at all times.

Also with OSIS and EV10, you might find that you're emails all link back to an item that is several years old, so if you have a PDF that has been shared and it links to say 1200 email, although the emails maybe less than 2 years old, the PDF you link to maybe 4 years old, and now you have 1200 unrecoverable email

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Thanks for your reply. We maintain 6 years of email in our archive and only for the duration of DR, only the 1 year data will be accessible.

Query was mainly on the DR approach and options for the requirement.

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My answer is still the same though, with OSIS, 1 year of email is almost impossible, you will undoubtedly have emails 6 months old referencing attachments more than 1 years old

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Sorry, i meant to say OSIS and EV8+