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Enterprise Vault DNS Alias names

Created: 06 Mar 2012 • Updated: 29 Mar 2012 | 3 comments
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Recently I needed to change the DNS alias names under DNS zone. In DNS I changed the alias from to In order to do this I have also made the change in the computer name entry in sql VaultDirectory database to reflect the new EV server name. Now when the users start the Vault search and Archive Explorer it shows the new/correct alias in the URL link.

However, I have just recently enabled calendar archiving by choosing striping the attachments option in the calendar entries and I have noticed some calendar entries that have the url link for the removed attachment it still shows the old dns alias and there for when the user click the link it fails because it's pointing to the old dns alias. The problem is that only some of the calendar entries shows the old alias some shows the correct alias names.

any ideas...!!!


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If you originally setup EV with an Alias, as recommended, and then change it it is likely that all existing shortcuts and links will still contain the old alias, and will thus fail to work.

Shotcuts to archived items created AFTER the change will be correct.

I have just been through the process, fortunately for a site which is still in pilot phase, so only 3 mailboxes were affected.

You will need to update the existing shortcuts, which can be quite a process if you have many users and lots of shortcuts.

The good news is that it is largely automatic once setup.

Technote  TECH47364  "How to recreate shortcut content without restoring an archived email with
Enterprise Vault (EV) for Exchange."

Describes the procedure which may help you.

It worked fine for me, except that there was no obvious way of telling when the task had completed.

The method I used was to open a sample mailbox in Outlook, Add a column for Modified Date.

Set up a Mailbox wide search for items where "Message Class" contains shortcut,

This will then display all the shortcut items in the mailbox.

You can then check that the modified date falls within the time the above process ran, to check all shortcuts have been updated.

If you set this up ahead of process time you can acutally watch the modified date changing on the shortcuts as they are processed.

Hope this helps a bit


Here is a detailed process for Setting up the columns and sorts in Outlook

Ensure that archiving schedule allows Archiving and / or PST Migration at the time you want to monitor the process in outlook.

Open users outlook
Display inbox (or folder of interest)
Add columns to the display Outlook 2010
Click View Tab > Add Columns
In the Drop Box select All Mail Fields
Scroll down in Available Columns > Select "Message Class"
Click Add
Double click the Massage Class COlun Header to sort
Click Expand/collapse to Collapse ALL

Add Columns to the display Outlook 2007
Right Click on a column Header - Customize Current View
Click Fields
Drop Box - All Mail Fields
Scroll down list - Select - Message Class - ADD - OK
Back in the Inbox View
Double Click Message Class Column Header to sort by Message Class
View - Arrange By - Show In Groups
Right Click on a Class Header & Select Collapse all

You should now see all classes with the number of messages in each
Check the Enterprise Vault Classes
You should see the normal note class increasing as mail arrives, and decreasing as journaling or archiving occurs
EV Pending Increasing as items are identified for arciving
EV Pending Decreasing as messages are archived.
NB If Safety Copies are enabled on the Vault store, Pending items are only converted to shortcuts after the next backup.
EV Shortcut items increasing as items are deleted from Exchange.

John Gowing - Symantec EV Exchange STS

DFA Solutions

Cape Town

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You need to use the restoreshotcutbody registry key to recreate teh content of the shortcut. The link used when doubleclicked is a generated link based on the properties of the item and the archive id. The link in side the body of a message is a link generated at the point of archival.

To regenerate the link, you will need to use the TN specified in teh above poosting

TECH47364  "How to recreate shortcut content without restoring an archived email with
Enterprise Vault (EV) for Exchange."

The obvious way to tell it completed is to see the report that is generated in teh reports directory. Once the report is completed for the users specified then it will be done.

Word of caution. This is VERY intensive on just about everything. EV, Storage, SQL, Exchange...

If you need to do this systemically, I would ensure you have good log backups on all applicable servers and I would also start in batches of 50 or so (at a max) and monitor to ensure your env is holding up to the stress.

Hope this helps. If your issue is resolved please remember to mark it as so.

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I did try Trafford's article but unfortunately did not fix the issue. Luckily it was only two mailboxes that I was testing. Bust the interesting thing is that still not sure why and how this happened.

thank you all for your valuable comments.