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Enterprise Vault dvs files

Created: 28 Feb 2013 • Updated: 05 May 2013 | 4 comments
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I am having an issue with an Enterprise Vault 9.0 installation on a Windows 2003 server.  The Vault deployment is in place to archive Exchange mailbox information only, nothing else.  BackupExec is in use to provide nightly backups. 

What is happening is there are tens of thousands of dvs files that are backed up each night.  The backup takes approximately 32 hours, and the throughput for the volume containing the Vault stores is only 70MB. 

Given the backup time, the Vault store is constantly in backup mode.  Archiving tasks never complete and safety copies are never converted into shortcuts in the Outlook clients.  The bottom line for the end users is that their mailboxes aren't getting fully archived.

It appears that if I can up my throughput and thereby shorten my backup window, the Vault tasks would be able to fully complete.  There are other backups running on file systems from the same backup server, and their throughput is around 700 MB. 

Given that there are tens of thousand of the smaller dvs files, I'm theorizing that if I can reduce the number of dvs files, I can shorten my backup lengths and everything else will fall in place.

Additional info:  it's not a huge installation; approximately 150 mailboxes on Exchange.  Vault is version 9.0 sp3 (although I may have to verify that) and Exchange is 2010.  Backupexec 2010 R3 with the Windows agent is utilized for the backups.

I don't recall offhand the entire process involving email messages moving from an Exchange store to a Vault store, but I seem to remember the dvs files would be deleted or moved or something at some point in time.  Is that correct?  What can I do to either reduce the number of dvs files, or skip over dvs files that have been previously backed up but still have Vault see the backup as "successful"?  Would closing out the current Vault store and partition and opening a new one help in this instance?

I appreciate any help on this issue. 



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Enable Collection:

This will add multiple dvs files into a bigger CAB file. Small files are always slow to backup.

Another strategy will be to archive only once a week, in that case you only have to backup once a week (after the archive). All the other days nothing will change, so no need to backup.

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Well you could look at implementing Enterprise Vault Collections, but to be honest how much ACTUAL disk space is on the Vault Store partition on disk?

And how many files and how many folders?

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I definitely recommend closing the current partition and opening a new one.
This way, you can your current data into a much less frequent backup window.

Another option would be replication with a product like our EV NearSync. This frees you from ever having to back up your vault store again! yes

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