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Enterprise Vault eDiscovery

Created: 18 Apr 2013 • Updated: 05 May 2013 | 8 comments
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Dear all,

We are planning to build the Enterprise Vault eDiscovery soultion for Lotus Domino server,

but we dont sure that we just use the eDiscovery service is need use the Domino Gatway(EVDG) or not?

Thank you so much

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Arjun Shelke's picture

AFAIK, you will need EVDG

133954202's picture

Sorry for that, your meaning if I use Enterprise Vault Arching service or eDiscovery service is MUST need to build more one EVDG?

Thanks a lot.

Arjun Shelke's picture

well...EVDG is used for retrieval and seach on that basis you will need EVDG for discovery. You can make EV and EVDG one server

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 Sorry, I am getting lost and may I clarify again for the requirement.

There are 2 kinds of licenses :



If we only install the (2), does it need  EVDG ?


steve_ev's picture

Yes you need a Domino Gateway.

Do you have an existing EV Server, if so you could install EVDG on that, however be careful not to overload it.

Arjun Shelke's picture

If you have license to archive data from Lotus Domino Servers, then it should be sufficient. Let me know if I understand you correct,

1. You hav an EV Server which is archiving Lotus Domino Server mailfiles.

2. You want to have EV-Discovery accelerator server to use to Domino Archives.

In this scenario, you can build a new server where first you will install Domino Server binaries and configure it to work with existing domino environment. Once done, on top of that you will run EV setup to install EV Server (where you get option to select EVDG feature).

If you are not a consultant or partner, I would rather advise you to contact them in order to plan things properly. Else you might land in difficult situation.

TonySterling's picture

If you are ONLY doing Domino Journaling and NOT doing Domino mailbox archiving you don't need an EVDG server:

See Paul Honey's post here, I think he sums it up nicely:

Paul Honey's picture

Thanks for the reference and link Tony! ;0)

As per that reply, the EVDG's sole role is to provide retrieval and search functionality for Domino Mailbox Archiving in collaboration with mail file / iNotes extensions. So as long as you are Domino journal archiving only or Domino mailbox archiving but not shortcutting / removing / editing original itemsin mail files, an EVDG is not required. Discovery Accelerator provides the HTML rendition of Domino archived messages within the app itself, and has its own internal mechanism (which is not EVDG dependent) to view the original item. 



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