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Enterprise Vault FSA Questions

Created: 23 Jul 2012 | 5 comments

Hi there,

Just got EV FAS going at my work place, just a few questions some of you experts may know.

  1. We currently have 1.6 TB of files that needs to be archived, how much storage should I allocate for this?
  2. How should the backups of the archives, indexes, SQL be done? Daily?
  3. Is it possible to assign certain files keywords, so they can be searched later?
  4. Right now I have the test storage, indexes, all on the same location. Where should they go?


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For sizing help you should check out the EV 10 Performance guide ( and the FSA specific section.  This section provides you with formulas to calculate the necessary space for both the Vault Store partitions and Index locations.

For backups, I suggest reading through the EV Administrator's guide to start, which should be available in the documentation folder in your Enterprise Vault install path.  You can find supplemental information and best practices regarding backups here

I would also suggest regular SQL maintenance per the following TN

Regarding question 3, once the files are archived the entire content is searchable.  So I'm not exactly clear on what use case you are trying to fullfill.  It sounds a bit like you'd want to give the documents tags and then run a search for all documents with a specific tag.  This is currently not possible.

The storage locations for Index and the Vault Store partitions can be configured in various ways.  In general, you would store these on different locations.  The index locations are usually placed on local disk or SAN attached storage depending on performance and size requirements (see afformentioned perfomance guide for Indexing IO requirements).  The Vault Store partition locations are more flexible and there is a wide array of storage media that we support, please reference the compatibility guide at

Happy reading and hope this helps.

Best Regards,


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Thanks for the information. I was thinking of tagging documents/files so I can search for them later. Thanks for confirming that this is not possible right now.

What kind of storage do you recommend we use? SAN? NAS (if possible) for best performance.

Thanks again.


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Here's a scenario I would like to present:

Let's say I have a set of files for archiving. After these files are archived, I want to delete everything that is 7 years old. How can I do this? 

So just to confirm that we cannot tag files for search right now. Can we tag emails?

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From the user's prospective, does anything get deployed to their desktops for FSA?

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To delete archived files that are older than an x number of years you need to set the storage expiry and turn it on at the EV site level...Properties of the EV site. This will depend on the Retention Category that you have set on your storage when you set EV up. if you have set it up using keeping data forever then of course no point turning storage expiry on cus it won't get deleted. When you change the Ret Cat on a storage only the newly data will apply to that change.

From the user's perspective, they don't get anything deployed to their desktops for FSA. All they will see is the files icon have changed, this is dependent on how you setup your Placeholders for FSA policy etc.