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Enterprise Vault Index architecture

Created: 15 Aug 2010 • Updated: 18 Sep 2010 | 6 comments
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Can some one please explian me or point me to some source where I can find EV index architecure and how to configure them.


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I am not sure exactly what you are after.  What version are you working with?  Is this for an existing environment or a new deployment?

You could start with these documents:

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Hi Tony,

Thanks for your reply.  The links are very informative.

I want to know what's is SAVESETID. When exactly is it created?


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Would suggest talking to your management and symantec about getting some training.
But to answer your question the SavesetID is created by the StorageArchive process when it has been passed an email from the ArchiveTask and is then stored in several areas of the vault store databases

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Totally agree with JW2, based on your questions I get the feeling you are trying to design an EV deployment.

That is not something you want to do on your own without proper training.

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Thanks for your replies.
FYI..  I am not trying to design environment here. But I have to support this product in our environment at high level.
We have tried to contact Symantec to avail training, but unforunately they dont have any setup in our location to provide training.

I have gone through many of Symantec documents on EV, but they are very confusing to me. I feel the information provided in these is not complete. Event atleast keywords like saveset ID which are crucial to understand to support this product, is not properly explianed in those documents. We often get the terms like these but they are never defined though we have so many documents for EV. Its really embarrasing.

Please provide me any pointers to online training on this product.