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Enterprise Vault - Indexes growth.

Created: 15 Aug 2013 | 2 comments

I'm just wondering peoples thoughts on this.

My company runs what is now an older version of EV. We use V8, although we have plans to address this, it will not be until early next year. In the meantime we continue to deal with an increasingly difficult issue of trying to ensure valid back-ups. This has to be balanced with allowing archiving and provisioning to name but two tasks.

We use BUE 2012 for EV back-ups. 

We do not at present archive to any lower tier of storage from EV.

EV is purely for Exchange archiving in our environment.

My problem as mentioned above is assuring valid back-ups. We have a schedule for backing up DB's, Open vaults and index locations nightly. This in itself equates to around 1tb of raw data. While this is actually less (Backed up) with incremental and dedupe technologies it is still extremley slow, particularly scanning the thousands of index files. Some 16 hours, hence the stuggle to fit in schedules for other EV related tasks.

Is it possible to reduce quantity of index files and or data by any system means?

What is normal practice to prevent such a senario?

Any thoughts or views appreciated. :-)

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Ben Watts's picture

Hi garryross,

There are a couple of things that you can do:-

1) Reduce the level of indexing for some/all archives

This will reduce the level of indexing therefore smaller indexes BUT there are a couple of problems with this:-

A  -  The level of detail indexed obviously reduces therefore allowing for smaller indexes, this makes searching for particular items harder as you can only search basic data at the lowest Indexing Level

B  -  This is a big issue in relation to this option, you will now need to rebuild each and every index that you want to pick up the new changes, it isn't retrospective it only applies to new indexes since the change.

This technote gives you space allocations, and more information, for different levels of indexing  -

2) Enable collections on the Vault Store Partitions

This will collect all files, in the partition locations, into CAB files of around 10Mb (configurable) this will save the backups from backing up and verifying hundreds/thousands of smaller files and replace those with less files but larger in size.

It doesnt noticably affect recalls or restores unless this is being carried out on a mass scale so well worth doing if you havent done it already

About collections  -

Other than that there isn't a massive amount you can do to my knowledge to be honest.

Hope the above helps?

Pradeep_Papnai's picture

For vault store partition, we can have collection which gives performance improvement as recommended by Ben. Few more information given in outline tech note below.

Backing Up Enterprise Vault White Paper

For indexes we donot much of suggestion but you can contact Backup support team for further suggestion.