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Enterprise Vault Mailbox Archiving Message

Created: 24 Sep 2013 • Updated: 12 Nov 2013 | 13 comments
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This issue has been solved. See solution.

I need to edit the message that EV sends to users after they are enabled for mailbox archiving. Or I need to prevent it from sending the message all together.

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Detailed on page 175 of the 'Installing and configuring' guide

Editing the Welcome message
When Enterprise Vault enables a mailbox for archiving, it automatically sends a
Welcome message to that mailbox. The Welcome message provides basic
information for users on how to get help and what to expect. You must edit this
message before it is sent to reflect how you have set up Enterprise Vault.
During the installation, the Welcome message is placed in a folder beneath the
Enterprise Vault program folder:
Setting up archiving from mailboxes 175
Editing automatic messages
Enterprise Vault\Languages\Mailbox Messages\lang
where lang indicates the language used.
The Welcome message is in a file called EnableMailboxMessage.msg.
To set up the Welcome message
1 Decide which language version of EnableMailboxMessage.msg you want to
use and locate the file.
2 Using a computer that has Microsoft Outlook installed, double-click the file
EnableMailboxMessage.msg in Windows Explorer to edit the message.
3 Review the text and make any changes that you require. If necessary, include
instructions to users about how to install the Enterprise Vault Add-Ins on
their computers.
4 Save the message.
5 Copy EnableMailboxMessage.msg to the Enterprise Vault program folder
(normally C:\Program Files\Enterprise Vault) on every Enterprise Vault
server in the site.

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Hey Baron,  you should have known to look that up :)  Or are you new to Enterprise Vault?

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By default EV does not 'welcome' messages when mailbox enabled/disable for archiving & warning message come in event stating that message could not be found. if an administrator need to enable this functionality then msg can be copied from '\enterprise Vault\Languages\Mailbox Messages\lang' to '\enterprise vault'.

You can edit these messages as per your need.

Refer tech note

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Is there anyway of disabling the process without EV throwing an error whenever a user is added? Part of the reason I enabled it in the first place was to get rid of the error EV was throwing.

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We don't have any way to disable/supress this events, you wish to put enhancement request.

Refer following forum link.

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Ok, if I just delete the message out of the enterprise vault folder will it stop sending the messages?

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If you delete these message from installation directory(c:\program file 86 \enterprise vault) then welcome messages would not to user during enable/disable. Additionally it will generate warning 2297.

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Ok, they don't want it sending out emails at all now so I'll just delete the message and ignore the 2297 error.

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In EV 10.0.4 you can suppress event id's, have a look at that chapter in the REGISTRY Guide.

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Can you provide a link to the Registry Guide?

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