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Enterprise Vault rpc over http

Created: 10 Jul 2013 • Updated: 28 Jul 2013 | 11 comments
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This issue has been solved. See solution.

Hello All,

I have an issue when try to archive and restore items from Outlook in case of connected to exchange using RPC over Http.


EV version 9, Exchange version 2003. The system was working successfully.

The issue solved when I try to open Archive Explorer or Seach browser the system requested User name and Password, after entering credentional Information them go to test archive and restore it works. and every time i open the outlook and I should open the archive expolorer or search browser to be able archive or restore.

How should I resolve the issue.

Thanks in advance

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For password prompts, check the following page:

You may just need to add the URL to your trusted sites
Also make sure that you're not getting any SSL certificate warnings

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Do you have the client trace log? Which Firewall is in use? ISA?

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I add the URL to trusted Sites.

Yes I am getting SSL certificate warning, Install the certificate each time. 

NO FireWall.

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Then there is your issue, talk to your Security and certificate folks, get the SSL in good order and that will resolve the issue

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Hi ,

This issue was seen in the past and it had to do with IE checking the server certificate.  You could try this:

1. Open Internet Explorer and go to Tools > Internet Options > Advanced

2. De-Select Check for server certificate revocation.

3. Restart Outlook.

then try and restore or view the item.



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after De-Select Check for server certificate revocation. it done and it opens without any issue, but the client need to keep it enabled.

Can we have work around for this.


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I'd suggest going back to the previous comments.

You also said earlier you get prompted for the certificate.  What prompt do you get? Is the certificate actually expired, or revoked?  Better to sort out the certificate as was suggested.

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 I get the below message and after click yes, I prompted for user name and passwrod

The certificate not expired every time install it and message imported successfully. the next time the same issue.


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Regarding above Error try following steps :

Uncheck the "Check for server certificate revocation" and "Check for publisher's certification revocation"

Refer Following TechNote :

Description : 'Revocation information for the security certificate for this site is not available.' is generated when accessing archived items.

Link :



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Layth, did you resolve this issue, or do you need some more help?

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No Thanks all. The issue is solved by Uncheck the "Check for server certificate revocation" and "Check for publisher's certification revocation" .

The customer will issue a public certificate.