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Enterprise Vault Server Settings Migration error on databases verification step

Created: 06 Feb 2014 • Updated: 02 Mar 2015 | 6 comments
This issue has been solved. See solution.
I've tried to migrate our EV clustered physical servers to a single instance virtual machine, following the HOWTO42445 and HOWTO77108 procedures, but on the Database Verification step of the Server Settings Migration tool, some errors have appeared. Looking at the log file, these are the errors:
02/02/2013 01:49:21 Get databases accessed by the export server ends.
02/02/2013 01:49:21 Database EnterpriseVaultDirectory schema version is invalid
02/02/2013 01:49:21 Database EnterpriseVaultAudit schema version is invalid
02/02/2013 01:49:21 Database EnterpriseVaultMonitoring schema version is invalid
02/02/2013 01:49:21 Data location EVData1 is valid
02/02/2013 01:49:21 Data location EVData2 is valid
After that, I've checked the SchemaVersion of those databases on the SQL server, comparing it with the following articles:
And the versions found are:
Enterprise Vault Version:
EnterpriseVaultDirectory SchemaVersion:
EnterpriseVaultMonitoring SchemaVersion:
EVData1 VaultStore Database Version:
EVData2 VaultStore Database Version:
It looks like all the versions are correct, but I can't go on with the migration without correcting this database verification on the Server Setting Migration tool.
Any help is appreciated.
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I think it is probably the Monitoring database and the Audit database at issue here.  You just need to run through the steps to upgrade Monitoring and Auditing from the Upgrade Instructions.pdf

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In the "Upgrade Instructions.pdf" document I've just find the procedure to upgrade the Audit database (below).

1. Make sure that you have backed up the EnterpriseVaultAudit database.
2. Stop all the Enterprise Vault services.
3. Start SQL Server Management Studio, and in the left pane under Databases, select the EnterpriseVaultAudit database.
4. From the File menu, click Open > File.
5. Navigate to the Enterprise Vault installation folder (typically C:\Program Files (x86)\Enterprise Vault) and select the file Audit_Schema_Upgrade.sql.
6. From the Query menu, click Execute. After a short time SQL Server Management Studio indicates that the query executed successfully.
7. Exit from SQL Server Management Studio.

Is that what you have suggested?

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Yes, that is what I was referring to.  You also might need to update EVOM.

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Could you check if you are running the latest version of the Server Setting Migration tool (

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You may want to check with support, I heard theres an issue with the Server settings migration wizard that doesn't account for the newer schema versions