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Enterprise Vault Upgrade

Created: 03 May 2013 • Updated: 07 Jun 2013 | 4 comments
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During the upgrade of Enterprise Vauly software on the EV server, the upgrade instructions state that you should stop the EV admin service.  Should these services be put in manual or disabled mode? 

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I always just stop them and don't disable or change the mode.

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Just stopping them should be enough
Typically the way I do it is just let the the installer stop all the services and then go forward

It's a bit unnecessary to stop them all yourself

If you have multiple EV servers then what I do is RDP to each machine and start the installer on all of them, getting to the point where it asks if I want to stop the services

Then when they are all at that point I hit yes to stop the services, then the next server and hit yes and the next and so on and so forth

And then by the time I get back to the first server it asks for the reboot so I hit yes to reboot and go through each server

That keeps them nice and in sync and makes the upgrade process a lot faster than doing one at a time

Plus doing one at a time can result in resource locks that you might not be accounting for

Just make sure if you have any monitoring software to disable that so it doesn't attempt to bring the services back online

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Great explaination and you bring up a good point about the monitoring software.