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Enterprise Vault Users exchange Mail box - Users who leave and return regularly A simple Process

Created: 17 Jan 2013 • Updated: 18 Jan 2013 | 2 comments
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Hi Guys Newbie Ev user here,

OK i have searched the forums for the alst hr finding some great information about on both importing and exporting variations from exchnage and EV admin console. I believe i have hit a point where i am jsut overloaded with information and am unsure on how to apply the procedures to my unique problem. Iw as wondering if i could get some assistance with mapping out teh following senario.

We have users that come and go regualary and we want to use a method for short returning users withint 6-12months (users who will not be returning at all or lets say over a year we will be archiving all email that i seem to have som grasp on).

So we use Active directory accounts in link mode for our mail (log story short for fail over ot parent compnay overseas etc) now all we want to be able to is ;

Disable users account in our AD and move to a leavers group

Users linked ad account (that is a memebr of the EV group policy) move to leavers group

*** (the part im struggling with***) now the Active directory account that has the EV policy do i need to jsut remove them form that group so no mail is being archive ?

Export exchange mail to .pst (understanding that archive EV mail with leave pointers or shortcut and will be inaccessable) Remove mail box in exchange through the power shell.

Then delete users mail box.

Dont know why my boss wants to do it this way as i feel its double space as there is part of archive on Ev and the unbarchived in pst file... Anyhoooo :)

The problem i ahve above is mainly around the Active direcotry account that has the EV policy applied do i jsut remove them from the group have i missed any steps out ?

in regards to restoring the returing users mailbox - I'm not certain what to do after re-enabling account and creating a new mailbox do i then jsut add hem back into the EV group thye were in and it willo start acrhiving again and also give access againt old archived information on EV store ?


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OK so in a normal leaving policy you would have something like

1. Mailbox that archives everything, deleted items, unread items, items 0 days or older etc
2. Create a Distribution List called "Archive Leavers", when someone has left, add them to this list
4. Create a provisioning group called Archive Leavers and put it at the very top of the list
5. Assign the "Archive Leavers" Provisioning group the "Archive Leavers" DL to provision against, and use the Archive Leavers Mailbox Policy
6. When a user leaves the company, you then run provisioning, and then next archiving run (or you can do a run now) ... all their items will be archived
7. After a short while, they get removed from the Distribution List, and will no longer be provisioned or targeted
8. When the user comes back to the company, run provisioning to pick up their mailbox
9. Run the Enable Mailbox wizard and follow through the steps, half way through there is a point where you can select "Existing Archive" and have the user attach to the existing archive

It can't be done automatically because the way that EV matches a users account to an EV archive is by the LegacyMbxDN and the MbxGUID, but that GUID will almost definitely be changed and not relink correctly OR even worse, it will create a brand new archive for the user

However the way you are doing it, is to export the mailbox to a PST , are you going to export the EV Archive a long with it?

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Hi again JesusWept3

Thanks again i shall look into that.. For now we have to be able to Export mailbox to.pst (non archived items) and then delete the mail box and keep their EV archive on the EV Server for now. We are not wanting  to export the mail to ev first to archive everything. then export to .pst.