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Enterprise Vault, Vault Stores

Created: 18 Feb 2014 • Updated: 02 Mar 2014 | 4 comments
This issue has been solved. See solution.


We have 4 Journal Archive Servers

On each Journal Server we have 7 Vault Stores,  with 6 Partitions in each Vault Store.


EVJRN001VS1 (with partition 1-6 in it)

EVJRN001VS2 (with partition 1-6 in it)

Etc to EVJRN001VS7


Each Partition within a Vault Store is set to Roll over at 1% free and works fine,  but what I need to do is roll over from EV1JRN001VS1  partition 6, to EV1JRN001VS2  Partition 1...  how do I do this?


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The Vault Store Partition Roll Over is only limited / we can say in boundaries of same Vault Store.

It's by Design.

It's not possible in any version of EV till date.




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Seven vault stores per EV server?!?
You are going to have to stop the journal task
Close the partition in the old vault store
Open the partition in the new vault store
Create a new journal archive and place it in the second vault store
Then edit your journal target and tell it to archive to the new archive in vault store two and then start the journal task back up

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Also, just as an FYI, you probably want to make sure that both Vault Stores use the correct Sharing settings for single instancing.

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JesusWept3 - Yes 7 Vault Stores per EV Journal Archiving server,  (and 7 vault stores per Mailbox Archiving server, of which we have 6 servers)..  Thanks for your info,  I will try that in the lab.  The reason we have so many vault stores is the limit of 250 million items per vault store.

Michelz - Yes we have Sharing across the whole Vault Store Group, so all 35 Vault Stores are setup correctly, but thanks :)