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Enterprise vault Vs Netapp

Created: 09 Jul 2013 • Updated: 25 Jul 2013 | 5 comments
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HI All

Need your assistance please. one of our clients are looking at using NetApp with enterprise vault but first would like to know what are the limitation of NetApp

you infomation will help alot


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I guess the biggest thing would be cost but other than that there aren't really any limitations.  EV works pretty well with NetApp and using NetApp storage allows you to manage backups fairly easy via SnapShots.

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Hi Tony

What about FSA archiving how would it archive can you still use place cards and shortcut will the restore of a FSA archive still be the same or is there a new way or different way of doing this now

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FSA Archiving works pretty good as well.  EV will still archive items and leave the placeholders in much the same way as if it was archiving NTFS partitions.

Main exception would be that the Placeholder service runs on the EV Server.

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We use Netapp as our back-end storage for the Vault Stores and EV itself runs within a VM in which the VMDK's are NFS connected to Netapp volumes.  Everything works great and we are even seeing a few GB of storage savings with Netapp deducpliation on the Vault Stores even with EV single-instancing.  

Running EV 10.0.3

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Snapshots are a really fast way of backing up the EV Data. the issues you tend to have are
 - Restoring individual items is not possible, you have to restore the entire snapshot, so if you backup 2TB of data, you have to have 2TB elsewhere to restore the snapshot and get that 2MB file you need.
 - NetApp based on CIFS does not support the Archive Bit on files, so when you backup items, you will have to use the IgnoreArchiveBitTrigger file or the secured notification XML files to show items have been backed up
 - If you store indexes or use collections on a netapp, be sure to disable Opportunistic locking on the EV Server *AND* the netapp itself