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Enterprise Vault Web application

Created: 04 Oct 2012 • Updated: 09 Oct 2012 | 3 comments
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We have multiple Enterprise Vault servers in an environment within the same EV site and one of the mailbox archival servers had an issue with IIS and hence retrieval of archived Emails were impacted as the shortcuts point to the IIS web application. Is there a way we can provide resiliency to the IIS layer of the EV servers apart from building blocks or Clustering?.


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If you had 10 sp2 you could create a DNS Round robin and then use the Valid EV Alias policy setting to point at that RR entry you created

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Yes, that can be an option going forward. However, it will result in requests handled by different EV servers rather than the EV server hosting the storage service for that archive under normal conditions resulting in cross EV communications. This can be a problem in environments with a number of EV servers. Ideally, there should be a policy like "Failover Webapp URL" which should be used should the primary web app URL (archive's storage service EV web app URL) fail.

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The thing is with OSIS you more likely than not already have that cross server traffic

Also if you move people's mailboxes from one exchange to another that's handled by another EV server, you have the cross network traffic there too, I think the overhead would be negligible

The only real solution would be for EV to create some kind of NLB functionality which I don't think will ever happen

Other than that, you're best off submitting an idea to the Ideas section