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Entity Table Mapping (Windows Machine)

Created: 12 Apr 2013 • Updated: 17 Apr 2013 | 5 comments
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Hi all

I would like to enhance the now working ODBC Asset import. I'm trying to map "Asset Custodian", "Asset Department", "Asset Location" and "Asset Owner", but I can't find them in the Entity Table Mapping view. How are they named?

Those are the values I do want to map:


This is the Entity Table Mapping form for Windows Machines:




Operating Systems:

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Matt Plourde's picture

If you dropdown that "Asset Type" dropdown, do you have anything named "Common"?

decurgia's picture

No.. Just "Windows Machine".


I've got a side question for this task: I do want to set "Machine is server" to True.

Which Field Name do I have to select and which value do I have to send?

I did try the Field Name "Machine is server?" and 'YES' as the value, but it did not set the fields. I did try 'YES' because the csv-export of a dummy machine showed a 'YES' in that column.



Matt Plourde's picture

Ah, right. I think I can get this for you... we'll see if I have time later to fire up my lab.

As far as "machine is server", yeah I believe you need to use "True / False"

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Hi Matt

I had to create a ODBC connection for "Common". Then I've created an other SQL statement for the Common fields. It does now work (except the Tags for which I do create an other topic in this forum).

Thank you for your help



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In the entity mapping table, drop the word Asset from your search. I believe those fields are the direct relation. So, there should be fields called Department (Asset Department), Custodian (Asset Custodian) and so on.

Good luck.