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EOL for Scan Engine 5.2

Created: 07 Oct 2012 • Updated: 09 Oct 2012 | 5 comments


With reference to "Next generation of Scan Engine technology released October 1st", we are currently using Scan Engine 5.2.11 to scan for file upload on our web server. We have purchase license and maintenance for Scan Engine up to Jan 2015. Now that Scan Engine will hit EOL by 2014, do we still entitle to definition update after EOL?
As for the API, how much code code change is required to make our web app compatible to with the new Protection Engine? We're using the .Net library from Symantec to forward the file to Scan Engine.

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Hi Faulty,

Although this shouldn't be an issue, in theory Symantec wouldn't need to provide new cotent updates after the End of Limited Support date which is July 2013.  You can find out more info on release details and EOL policy at the link below:

Saying that I would highly recommend you look at migrate to Protection Engine for Cloud Services.  In terms of the API I no code change would be required as the new version is completely backwards compatible but you may want to look into updating your integration to take advantage of better unscannable handling and the categorization of new threats.

Best Regards,


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Actually just one other thing I wanted to make clear, I think you are aware, but just wanted to point out you fully entitled to move to Protection Engine for Cloud Services 7.0 for free.



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Hi Kevin,

where can we get the install files for Protection Engine for Cloud Services 7.0 from and will the old .slf for Scan Engine 5.2 will also work for the new Protection Engine for Cloud Services 7.0?



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You'll be able to download them via

Put in your serial number and you should get the option to download the updated versions.  If not, contact customer care and get a new serial, and you're good to go

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