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error 129 Disk storage unit full

Created: 23 Jul 2014 • Updated: 07 Sep 2014 | 7 comments
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I have been getting error 129 on some of my backups. it looks like I have a PureDisk disk pool that has reached it's high water mark. As the Disk Pool is a lun from a NetApp, I asked the SAN admin to give me some more space. After getting more space I got the Solaris 10 media sever to see it with this comand.

zpool set autoexpand=on bupool

Any way Netbackup still sees the volume at it's old size. How do I get NetBackup see the new space?

Also if I needed to do more stuff on the Solaris side let me know.

My enviremet.
Master server NetBackup Solaris 10
Media server NetBackup Solaris 10

Operating Systems:

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I was able to get the new space to show up in NetBackup in the Disk Pools section. I'm how under the high water mark, but above the low water mark. When I run the backup job I still get the 129 error. What gives.

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I would restart the services. Then go to devices > disk pools > your pd pool > change > update/refresh the configuratoin


Riaan Badenhorst

ITs easy :)

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I add some more space to the Disk Pool. I updated/refreshed the change in the configuration. Put I'm miss about 3 GB of storage. I then ran the crcontrol --getmode command.


I think that my data store is crupted now.

What should I do now?

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Run the crcontrol --getmode command again. Does it still say PUT=No? If so, please look at the /log/spoold/spoold.log. Your looking for the line "Storage Cache Manager: load completed" if you don't see that, look for "Reason: ERROR: "

If you think the data store is corrupt, please open a support ticket and PM me the case number. 

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Are you using ZFS volumes for MSDP?

This is not supported.

See File System Compatibility in OS Compatibility Guide:

- ZFS file system is not supported as a backend storage location for an MSDP disk pool.

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I call tech support and they where able to help me fix the issue. I was on the phone several hours. I think it ended up being a firewall/networking issue. The case number was 0711815. Looking though the case notes I can't see what the fix was.

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Please do not ignore the fact that ZFS is not supported for MSDP....

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