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Error 130

Created: 12 Jul 2013 | 11 comments

I am using netback up 7.1 to make exchange backups, we have 5 databases to backup, now the problem is, when the backup running it does not backup all the databases.

Now I want to make a policy for each database to be backup

Here are the one that we run daily   Microsoft Exchange Database Availability Groups:\

It then run this


Microsoft Information Store:\Gauteng-Pretoria DB2


Microsoft Information Store:\Gauteng-Pretoria DB3

Now I am trying to run this just for one database, but it gives me error, 130.

Microsoft Exchange Database Availability Groups:\Microsoft Information Store:\Gauteng-Pretoria DB1

I am doing this correct.

Clientname PRASSADAG01

Operating Systems:

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Hendrik, please check out the NBU landing page:

and enter the search string: status 130 exchange
See if the results are helpful.

Steve Murphy
NetBackup Technical Support

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No this does not help, it only hsows the error code and nothing else.

Just want to know if my input is correct. 

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Try this:

Microsoft Exchange Database Availability Groups:\DB1

Steve Murphy
NetBackup Technical Support

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Please see Table 4-5  'Example policy that backs up a database for an Exchange DAG' on p. 64 of NBU for Microsoft SQL Server Admin Guide http:// :

Backup Selections: 

Microsoft Exchange Database Availability Groups:\Mailbox Database 

Microsoft Exchange Database Availability Groups:\forest or domain name\Microsoft Information Store\Mailbox Database

Supporting Storage Foundation and VCS on Unix and Windows as well as NetBackup on Unix and Windows
Handy NBU Links

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If you open your policy you should be able to browse to the datbases and select them to ensure you have the correct paths

If they still fail with a 130 then it is something else causing the error

Hope this helps

Authorised Symantec Consultant . Expert Partner.

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Exchange Writer is not in Satble state

VSSADMIN LIST writers and VSSADMIN LIST providers

You need to fix the Exchange Writers and they should stay in stable state until the Exchange backup completes and if they fail the snapshot processing will fail and you will get status code 130.

The Windows backup utility uses the System Writers in order to perform the snapshot creation for the entire server and that is expected.




Pawan Kumar

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check the Event Viewer in Exchage server , you would probably see the errors related to this failurs..

take that error to exchage admin ask him to look in to that.. 

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Please try it after re-starting Exchange replication & VSS services on both active & passive node.

color:#333333">Even ask Exchange admin to perform consistency check on the respective Databases/Data Stores.

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A common cause of this status is a problem with the exchange replication service. Restart the replication service on the mailbox server that you are backing up his database from and then retry the backup

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There may be issue with Writers, chck the exchange writers or else try restarting the exchange replication services.!

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can you ask exchange team to take windows level backup for perticular database which is failing with 130 error and let us know the status