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Error 13360, 8391, 6796, 6882 and 6578

Created: 15 Sep 2012 | 3 comments

On EV 9. Seeing these events ids occured on EV server too many a minute. Looks all related to SQL but cant understand the cause of it. Has anyone seen it all appearing together?

Any resolution is much appreciated!

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Hi Saspre,

Can you please post the description of the event ids?

did you perform any ev  upgrade when you started getting these errors..

Thanks and Regards, Backup Exec, BESR, Enterprise Vault

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I agree Liferhythm please clear your question ?

I have attach Event ID base artical and thread.

Event Error: 13360 Enterprise Vault (EV) Storage services wont start after upgrade

Event ID 8391 is generated when an unsupported Enterprise Vault (EV) client attempts to connect to the Enterprise Vault server

Events 6796, 6578, 6592 - From migrator server every 5 minutes in the event log

Check this thread

Lots of Storage Crawler Event ID: 6882 and Index Volumes Processor Error 41329

Thanks In Advance

Ashish Sharma

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Only Event ID will not help us to understand the issue because EV registers same event ID with diffferent event description in different scenarios. Can you provide the Event descriptions along with the order of event ids as well?

Additional information such as the activity that is triggering the event would be really helpful. For eg: Are you seeing these events only during Archiving Window, Or during backups or SQL maintanence activities etc.

Also once you have the Event description, you can generate a Dtrace for the affected subsystems to further narrow down to the issue. 13360 usually refers to directory connectivity, 6882, 6796, 6578 refers to issues with finding indexing, vault stores, Partition ID's etc. Hence a basic assumption would be an issue with connectivity to Directory database or the SQL server because of which it is throwing all other errors related to Indexing and Vault stores.

As I said before, nothing can be confirmed untill we have the Event Description, its order of occurence and the trigger.