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Error 156

Created: 03 Aug 2012 | 8 comments

HI everobody,

I´m having some problems in Windows Servers 2008, always with error 156. And i can´t find any solution to resolve this issue. Follow the master log.

The client and master version is

+ + basename /usr/openv/modules_CCF/ctm/bin//XNB_BCK_TRT.ksh
+ echo THIS = XNB_BCK_TRT.ksh
+ DIR_NB=/usr/openv/netbackup/bin
+ BACKUP_CMD=bpbackup
+ FULL_BACKUP_CMD=/usr/openv/netbackup/bin/bpbackup
+ NBU_ADM_DIR=/usr/openv/netbackup/bin/admincmd
+ BPPLLIST_CMD=/usr/openv/netbackup/bin/admincmd/bppllist
+ DIR_RMAN=/oradmin/dbtool/Backup
+ RMAN_CMD=ora_db_nbck.ksh
+ FULL_RMAN_CMD=/oradmin/dbtool/Backup/ora_db_nbck.ksh
+ MDL_CCF_DIR=/usr/openv/modules_CCF
+ CTM_DIR=/usr/openv/modules_CCF/ctm
+ CTM_BIN=/usr/openv/modules_CCF/ctm/bin
+ CTM_PARM=/usr/openv/modules_CCF/ctm/parm
+ CTM_LOGS=/usr/openv/modules_CCF/ctm/logs
+ CTM_TMP=/usr/openv/modules_CCF/ctm/tmp
+ CTM_REPORTS=/usr/openv/modules_CCF/ctm/reports
+ + date +%Y%m%d_%H%M
+ typeset -i CLASS_TYPE=100
+ echo Verification bon nombre d arguments
Verification bon nombre d arguments
+ [ 3 -lt 1 ] -o [ 3 -gt 3 ]
+ [ 3 -eq 3 ]
+ CLIENT_NAME=server.Windows
+ LOG_FILE=/usr/openv/modules_CCF/ctm/logs/server.Windows_SC_WI\
+ touch /usr/openv/modules_CCF/ctm/logs/server.Windows_SC_WIND_\
+ echo MASTER
+ 1>> /usr/openv/modules_CCF/ctm/logs/server.Windows_SC_WIND_WI\
+ echo Recuperation des parametres complementaires NBU
Recuperation des parametres complementaires NBU
+ + class_type_fct SC_WIND_WIN_OAT_00_ALL
+ echo Execution sauvegarde
Execution sauvegarde
+ svg server.Windows SC_WIND_WIN_OAT_00_ALL FULL_SC_TAPE_01M 13
EXIT STATUS 156: snapshot error encountered
+ echo CR NBU 156
+ 1>> /usr/openv/modules_CCF/ctm/logs/server.Windows_SC_WIND_WI\
+ CR=0
+ [ 156 = 0 ]
+ [ 156 = 1 ]
+ CR=16
+ echo Code Retour RMAN 0
+ 1>> /usr/openv/modules_CCF/ctm/logs/server.Windows_SC_WIND_WI\
+ echo CR CTM 16
+ 1>> /usr/openv/modules_CCF/ctm/logs/server.Windows_SC_WIND_WI\
+ export CR
+ exit 16

And here the server logs is attached.

Someone has this problem????


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Status 156 is a snapshot error, so need the bpfis log please from client (at verbose 5 / general 2)



Regards,  Martin
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... but from the log you posted ...

23:07:41.490: [864.2392] <16> dos_backup::V_InitializeSystemState: ERR - FS_AddToSnapshotSet() Failed! (System State:\System Files\System Files) 0xE0000352:The specified volume does not exist. Recreate the volume, and then try the job again.

So maybe this is a VSS error, in which case it's a windows problem and nothing to do with NBU.

Also, please include the outputs of these commands, along with the bpfis log

vssadmin list providers

vssadmin list writers
Is there any error in the Windows event logs (if so, this would point more to an issue outside of NBU)
Regards,  Martin
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gustavo.cruz's picture

Thanks for reply.

Follow the vssadmin list providers, vssadmin list writers and the bpfis log.

In bpfis folder i dont have any log, so i run this command to create the log.

bpfis create -fim VSS -id test1 C:\

I dont know if its correct.

I´m work with Windows Support and the Netbackup team "could" not help me in this issue, so if some logs are wrong please tell how can i do.


ListProviders.txt 286 bytes
ListWriters.txt 1.91 KB
06082012.txt 106.56 KB
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Hi Gustavo

On the windows client modify the VMTOOLS - exclude VSS (remove vss from vmtool ), this should fix you problem.

Good luck :)

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kindly follow the steps to solve this issue:

1 . in the master server console go to host proporties >master server>double click on master server>client properties>addclient name>apply and ok

2.log to the vm machine that giving the error and the go to local drive c: and D: if available by pressing right click on the drive then properties

3. go to shadow copy tab and enable it  then choose unlimited.then press ok

4. run the backup from the policy and get the status 0


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Is this client in a cluster ?

If so, run 

..\veritas\netbackup\bin\w2koption -backup -ignore_unresolved_volumes O

on each node.

This writer isn't 'stable'  - not sure if this would cause an issue, but a reboot might be the only way to 'reset this' - not sure.

Writer name: 'WMI Writer'
   Writer Id: {a6ad56c2-b509-4e6c-bb19-49d8f43532f0}
   Writer Instance Id: {d1d7bb00-cbf3-4324-b0ca-a553818c4e05}
   State: [5] Waiting for completion
   Last error: No error
If no luck with the above, of if you are not in a cluster, then we might need the bpbkar log, as bpfis seemed ok, which is unusual, normal bpfis gives the answers.  If we do need bpbkar, lets get bpbrm, bptm and bpfis again, just so we have the complete set.
Regards,  Martin
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gustavo.cruz's picture

I rebooted the server, the 'WMI Writer' is stable right now.

But the error still.

Follow the bpbkar logs.

0708.txt 66.93 KB
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I'm not seeing anything obvious in the logs, I'll ask a colleague tomorrow ,

Marianne posted this for another forum question on 156, worth looking at

Try this :

Vshadow is a Microsoft utility used to test VSS. This is helpful in determining any issues with VSS outside of Tivoli Storage Manager.

Vshadow can be downloaded here ...

It will test VSS outside of NBU.


Regards,  Martin
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