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Error 196

Created: 04 Nov 2012 • Updated: 20 Dec 2012 | 4 comments
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Hi All,

I am Facing Error 196 (client backup was not attempted because backup window closed) for our monthly backup which i am nt able to start back again as it failing continously , please advise how i can be able to start it.



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There is not enough information to provide assistance ...  please read ...

Insufficient information
Starting a post with a question such as ...
My media is getting frozon during a job, what do I do ?
.. is virtually useless, EVERY post should be started with information simailar to these questions ...
Some of these quesyions will not apply to your situation, or you have already answerd, either skip these, or, think of a new question/ information that you can give to describe the problem.
Initial Information recommended for all issues:
1.   The exact error message (if an error is given)
2.   During which type of operation does the problem occur ?  For example, Backup, Duplication, Vault, Restore etc.
3.   At what point in the job does the issue occur, for example, right at the beginning.
4.   Which system(s) are involved? For example, Master Server, Media Server - Please provide system names.
5.   Please submit the support report from the master and any relevant Media Servers in the environment.
6.   Is this a reoccurring issue ?
7.   What was the system doing at this time ?
8.   Please send in the contents of the details tab in the Activity Monitor for the job.
9.   What logs or screenshots are available?
10. Has this worked previously?  If so, when was the last time it DID work?
11. Have there been any environmental; system; or configuration changes?
12. When did the problem begin?
13. How often does the problem occur?
14. Is a similar configuration working properly?
Regards,  Martin
Setting Logs in NetBackup:
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i am nt able to start back again as it failing continously.

Failing with WHAT error?

Status 196 is a symptom of something else in your environment causing backups to queue.
If backup cannot go active before window closes, it will fail with Status 196.

You need to find the reason for queued backups. 
Reason is normally listed in Details tab of the job while it is queued.

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Hi Maria,

I have checked this backup failed as the DB failover happened to another server.