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Error 41 Network Connection Timeout

Created: 10 Oct 2012 • Updated: 20 Dec 2012 | 11 comments
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Hello Experts,

I am facing status code 41 in my environment stating Network Connection Time Out.

Ping and network connectivity everything was fine

We are having Netbackup 7.1 version for both MASTER , MEDIA and CLIENTS.



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Note :- Network timeout for this particular client was set to 300seconds 

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Hey Ashish,

i have increased the Network Timeouts for that particular client will see today if backup runs without error if not i will try to change the Multiple data stream option.



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But meanwhile can you be able to tell me where i can check the option "Allow multiple data streams " in a policy please.



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It is in the attribute tab in policy but that will not be the solution. Could you please copy the detailed status for the client failing with error 41. Error 41 connection timed out is mostly caused by issues in the n/w or something on the client side.

Does it write any data and then failed with error 41?

Which NBU version?

Client version?

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Hi Sazz,

NBU version is 7.1 for both CLIENTS , MASTER and MEDIA servers

please find the detailed description of error 41.



Error41.txt 4.02 KB
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WRN - can't open file: System State:\Automated System Recovery\BCD\BCD (WIN32 -536832991: Unknown error)
10/10/2012 11:06:21 PM - Error bpbrm(pid=7944) from client svaufd02: ERR - Error encountered while attempting to get additional files for System State:\

Are you just backing up system state in that job, the above error have lot of TN for system state issues on ws 2008 client and others but you are getting error 41.

It seems it is just stuck at system state. As you have increased the timeout please enable bpbkar on client and bptm on media sever. Post the output once failed.

Also what OS you are running on Master/Media/Client? Please provide as much infromation you can while posting the issues.

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Hi Nayab,

Since it's failing in system state. Try to take a NT backup(Windows inbuilt OS backup) for the client. If it's failed then check with Windows admin.


Veritas Netbackup 7.0.1, with WIN 2K3 platform.

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Hi All , 

Sorry for not looking in ti this meanwhile i have tried all possible ways to fix this but no luck still backup failing with Error 41 Network Timed out , now i have seen where the error is stating its failing to send an email to user , please check the screen shot attached.



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There was a suggestion above to see if NT backup of System State or Shadow Copy Components is working. Have you tried that?

There was also another request for bpbkar log on client. Please post this log?
Another helpful log might be bpfis log.

Please also tell us what exactly is in Backup Selection for this policy?

Which NBU 7.1 patch level? Initial 7.x versions had lots of problems with Shadow Copy Components on W2008. Suggestion above to look at TN's for this error - have you done this?

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