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error: 452 Too many recipients received this hour. Will these messages be sent again by Brightmail?

Created: 16 Jan 2010 • Updated: 24 Aug 2010 | 5 comments


We have a customer who is sending out newsletters over the gateway. We now see that some domains have a treshould to the amount of email accepted for a certain domain per hour. These messages then show up in the delivery queue with the error '452 Too many recipients received this hour".

We want to know if the gateway will try to send them at a later point in time.


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Yes, the default setting is to retry every 15 minutes on a 400 level error.

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Hi J.

Are you sure that SMS schould retry this. Below is one of the 857 messages in the outbound queue. It still there after a couple of days.

emailaddress Saturday, Jan 16, 2010 09:01:36 PM CET  452 Too many recipients received this hour

And some new error codes pop up like

450 4.7.1 Recipient address rejected: Policy Rejection- Greylisted for 60 seconds: Please try later

452 4.1.1 Greylisting in action, please try again later

421 PR(dt1) The mail server IP connecting to Windows Live Hotmail server has exceeded the rate limit allowed on this connection. If you are not an e-mail/network admin please contact your E-mail/Internet Service Provider for help. For e-mail delivery information, please go to

The vendor of the mailing software indicated that some MTA's like powerMTA use some kind of backoff policy when encountering these kind of messages for that domain, and backs off for an hour. Other messages just continue to send.

Could that be accomplished by Brightmail?


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We're going to retry every 15 minutes, regardless of being greylisted. We don't have a function to wait longer if we get a specific message like that. But as Adnan mentions below, you can change that interval to be longer.

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Yes.  The messages will be retried, at regular intervals, starting with "Minimum retry interval" (by default 15 minutes) and doubling with every retry (for example, 15, 30, 60, 120 mins, and son on) until they are "Sent message time-out" (by default 5 days) old.  These settings "Minimum retry interval" and "Sent message time-out" can be adjusted on SMTP Advanced Settings page.

Please take a look at the following KB article:



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Hi ezJurgen,

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