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Error 53 "name resolution' and PXE

Created: 19 May 2008 • Updated: 22 May 2010 | 4 comments
Hi there,
I am trying to access a network share that is on a Win 2k3 that has the image that I want to push. The Win2k3 server is a DCHP and PXE server at the same time. The issue that I am having is that I am NOT able to image from any subent.
I am getting this errror message of the workstations that are under different subnet and unable to reach the network share.
"Error 53 - The machine ID specified in the network path can't not be located"
Any suggestion?
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So I assume that if you are in the same subnet it works.

There are couple of possibilities, first is there is no name resolution available for different subnets. Could you try IP address or using hosts file?

The other possibility is Windows Firewall. When you enable File and Printer sharing, it only enables for the local subnet by default. Could you check if it is enabled for all subnets? (using Edit->change scope)


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I fixed the issue. After I edited all DHCP scopes including DNS and WINS configuration, the machines were able to see the network shared. Everything is working fine.
Thanks for the comments.
That's what I am talking about :)
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Do you experience the same issue? There are many reasons for this, what is your exact setup?