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Error 6336

Created: 15 May 2006 • Updated: 22 May 2010 | 5 comments

Error 6336 is showing up in the application log: Error storing Saveset as Vault is not available.

Everything looks fine users are able to access the vault and all of the services are running the Disk management looks fine. Anyone have any suggestions?

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Micah Wyenn 2's picture

Can you post the full error? A dtrace of the storage service wouldn't hurt either, althought it's prolly premature at this point.


A T 2's picture

Error storing Saveset as Vault is not available

Micah Wyenn 2's picture

The entire text of the error is what we'll be needing. There's usually hints in the full event text.


A T 2's picture

That is the text that is in the error and nothing else.

C H's picture

A dtrace of storagexxxxxx (archive i presume but have a look at the category first) is definately needed

Also some details on your storage - is it local or remote, NAS, SAN etc, how you connect to it, how often it happens