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Error on Altiris

Created: 30 Apr 2013 | 8 comments

I am trying to install client using image on Altiris its boot up using WinPE 

talking to server, getting IP from DHCP.  then this screen come up  and restart.

I am using Altiris 6.9

It says starting remote agent x:\dagent\dagent.exe

Launching dagent actions...

Startup Complete

But does not pickup image file from server and start installing. 

Screen shot attached where it stuck and system reboot

can anyone help pls

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What kind of job is it supposed to pick up?  Is this a managed computer that is already in the system, or a brand new computer and you're trying to run Initial Deployment?  It's possible that your job indicates that it needs to be in a different environment, OR that the job thinks you should be in production which, for a new computer with no OS, would have it rebooting over and over.

Thomas Baird
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Bazsbs's picture

Thanks for your reply Thomas.

Computer is already in deployment and managed computer  running win 7 64 bit but I want to reinstall it. Just for test purpose.

Even if I try on new pc which is not managed ,still facing same issue.

Also I cant make quick image of managed pc from deployment server.  It send succefully information to managed computer then reboot it but then faild. 

Just wondering what is going on , 

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I'm really not the best person to answer this because I'm rusty with 6.9, but what I think is happening is that the automation environment you're using doesn't match that of the image task environment selection, so it tries to reboot into the right automation environment and can't - or something like this.  Hopefully, someone will chime in that uses it more than I do.  :D

Thomas Baird
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Might be an issue of running 32bit WinPE to install a 64bit OS, along with the Environment as Thomas said. If the job says  to use WinPE x64, and WinPE x86 is selected on bootup, this could possibly happen.



When all else fails, I generally just restart my Deployment and PXE services.

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imaging is agnostic to the computer's architecture.  you select the preboot arch not the tools arch.

try this.

1. Rebuild your PXE image

2. when rebuilding the PXE image try locate agent instead of remote. 

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Depends on if he's using Ghost, RDeploy, or a Scripted OS install. I don't believe you can run a 64-bit setup on a 32-bit OS.

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Yes. you can :)

OS Scripted install is the only one that you need to boot in the correct architecture.

Here is how PXE addresses the architecture:

1. if the client only supports x86 arch then PXE will only let you boot x86. the x64 and IA64 not in play.

2. if the client supports x64 and has x86 OS then you could use either x86 or x64 for the PXE boot.

Now. in automation Winpe: it does not mather what architecture you are using. the image is agnostic.

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Correct, you can't, just deploy an image to the local drive would not matter what WinPE you run below.

In general it sounds as if the job that is supposed to run is configured for the wrong environment (automation/prod), but for that the given information is not enough. A snapshot like the attached does not show what the real issue is...