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ERROR CODES Of SYmantic NETbackup

Created: 20 Jan 2013 • Updated: 03 Feb 2013 | 3 comments
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how to trouble shoot error code 128,58,196,12,5

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even there is a same error code  the troubleshooting would change based on the Enviornment, cause of the issue and the behaiver.

for effective troubleshooting, Understanding the Netbackup Enviornmnet is more important with the technical skills.

you can find the basic check list and starting point of toubleshooting can find in the below tech note for all the Netbackup errors.

from the tech note, you can understand where to start for each error code, and also how to move forward.

even after if you are not able to fix the issue, please come up with the details info about the issue(error message/logs info/enviornmnet info)

we are glad to help 

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Go through Troubleshooting Guide and Reference Guide Status Code for NBU version you have. 

Search for NBU Documentation of your version and grab above guides. It lists all the possible way to get backup/restore and maintenance working back in action. 

If still stuck .. you are most welcome by Connect. and Symantec support :-)

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Excellent posts ...

"even there is a same error code  the troubleshooting would change based on the Enviornment, cause of the issue and the behaiver."

That is so so true.

Very few NBU errors have an instant - "ahh yes, I know how to fix that".

I'll let you into a secret, but don't tell anyone ...

The best engineers are not those who know all the NetBackup commands and all the options, all that demonstrates is that they have a good memory ...

The best engineers are those who know how to troubleshoot - even if that means they have to look up a few commands, or work out what different fields are in command outputs etc ...  Sure it's a bonus if you remeber all the commands, but not essential.

The most helpful thing you can learn, are which processes are used for which job, so for a backup failure, where the job has started to write to tape, you probably only need to look in bptm/ bpbrm on the media server, and bpbkar /bpcd on the client.  If on the other hand the job never appears in Activity Monitor, you're probably going to be looking at nbpem, nbjm and bpjobd - then you 'simply' look in the logs to find the answer (hopefullly ...).

AllI I did above, is use the processes that are used in a backup job - ok, there are a few more than I have shown , but for the example problems, I am probably in the 'right place'. 

128 - Looking at the TN explaing the meaning, impossible to say how to investigate without knowing exaclty what happens when it fails.

58 - Which one - 58 is usually can't connect to client, but there is also a media managment status 58 which is completely different (you see know the problem with trying to get a general answer).

Can't connect to client is probably the most common - so you are probably looking at connectivty outside NBU .

Look at this TN.

See here it takes about 58, in fact that is the after affect, the actual cause will be the status 25, which is cannot connect to socket, which in turn causes the 58.

196 - Again which 196, NBU 196, Media Manager 196 or EMM 196, all differnet so an impossible question.

I suspect you mean backup window has closed (NBU 196) - well, as far as I am concerned, this usually comes down to trying to do too many jobs im too small a time, which comes down to incorrect system design, or, perhaps correct system design, but poor capacity planning.

Status 5 - The restore failed to recover the requested files

All backups that fail do so with status 5, so there are 100's of causes, the real status code that causes the failure will be in the logs.


Regards,  Martin
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