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ERROR Could not find [UserInfo] where [UserID] Equal [6d80a3ee-ff6c-4b5a-8851-768d4e6d934e]

Created: 15 Feb 2012 | 3 comments
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When a Incident is open the system send a email to primary contact, but when this user click int the link to see the incident details the system show this error:

Could not find [UserInfo] where [UserID] Equal [6d80a3ee-ff6c-4b5a-8851-768d4e6d934e]

I applied the solution of this kb article but the problem persist.

Can you help me?

Servicedesk 7.1

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Have you gotten this issue resolved?  If you have resolved the issue, would you mind sharing the resolution with me?  I'm facing the same issue.

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Just curious... is there a User in your system that does, in fact, correspond to ID 6d80a3ee-ff6c-4b5a-8851-768d4e6d934e? Is there any other info outher than the above that appears in the Logs? (located at <install>/Logs)'s picture

No, I've checked the User table and I don't have an user with the corresponding ID (for my case is ef850bdd-d976-452f-88ee-d83add0a179b).

The strange thing is that I encounter this error when trying to open a particular ticket that's already resolved via My Task List -> Find ID. I can open up the ticket just fine from the report, but not from the ticket lookup.

Error log:

[taskman service] -- error.ToString() --
[taskman service] LogicBase.Framework.DataLayer.DataLayerException: Could not find [UserInfo]  where [UserID] Equal [ef850bdd-d976-452f-88ee-d83add0a179b]
[taskman service]    at LogicBase.Ensemble.Userman.Userman.GetUserInfoByID(String sessionID, String userID)
[taskman service]    at LogicBase.Ensemble.Permissions.PermissionHelper.GetReferenceName(PermissionType referenceType, String referenceID)
[taskman service]    at LogicBase.Ensemble.WorkflowTasks.ServiceCore.TaskAssignment.get_ReferenceName()
[taskman service]    at LogicBase.Ensemble.WorkflowTasks.ServiceCore.TaskAssignment.TestIfUserIsAssigned(TaskAssignment[] assigns, String userEmail, String taskID, String startUserEmail)
[taskman service]    at LogicBase.Ensemble.WorkflowTasks.ServiceCore.Task.GetTasksByUserEmail(String userEmail)
[taskman service]    at LogicBase.Ensemble.WorkflowTasks.WorkflowTasks.GetTasksByUserEmail(String sessionID, String userEmail)