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Error deleting archived email

Created: 24 Feb 2006 • Updated: 21 May 2010 | 9 comments

Environment : Enterprise Vault v6 SP1 running on Windows 2003

I have set up the environment to allow users to delete both shortcuts and the archived email. The particular user in question (a test account) can archive and restore item OK and has full permissions over their own archive. However when I try and delete an archived email the following error is diplayed

"You must have a network connection in order to delete archived emails"

I find this a little strange however as a test I created a network connection but still got the same error.

Has anyone else seen this before or know what is happening?

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Micah Wyenn 2's picture

Which version of the user extensions are you using...the full or lite version?


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Sorry - been away.

We use the lite client (v6) that came with the EV v6 SP1 software

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This may not help, but uninstall the lite version and go with the full version of the client.


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A good idea which I've just tried however it's the same result. Also I don't want to roll out the full client so if that was to work, I'd be a little disappointed.

I think I may have to waste some money and raise a call with Veritas.

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What the feature is doing is going to a URL to check that it works. If it does not we presume they are offline.


So edit the above line accordinly and see if it works.

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The problem lies with our supposedly standard PC build.

I recreated the test using the local copy of Outlook on the EV server and it worked correctly, deleting the archived files. I then retested on several "standard" PC's with the majority working correctly so I'm happy there is nothing wrong with KVS but something wrong here.

Thanks for your comments

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We get the same error on our Citrix server. It would appear that other functions work correctly (we only allow users to archive and to delete from the archive). We also would prefer to use only the lite client.

Reinstalling the client has not helped. Also, the url mentioned earlier about the blank.gif test seems to work okay, a blank page comes up.

Enterprise Vault v6 sp2
Windows Server 2000 sp4
Citrix Metaframe XP
Outlook 2003

"You must have a network connection in order to delete archived emails"

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Had the same problem here (You must have a network connection...) and a hard time to solve it:

By spending endless hours of tracing we found out it's a windows issue, especially the registry key "EnableAutoDial".
The key "Global User Offline" may also be involved.

See also M$'s knowledge base:

Our solution was to create an unmanaged GPO to set the registry keys for all users at our site.

So change the key and most probably it will work (and give some reward points to me TIA ;-)
Manual change is ok, no reboot required.


Here's an extract of a user registry branch:

"User Agent"="Mozilla/4.0 (compatible; MSIE 6.0; Win32)"


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That fixed it! We put our Terminal Server into Install mode, applied the registry fix to HKCU, everyone's working now.