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Error deploying Windows 7 x64 image.

Created: 23 Apr 2014 | 1 comment

We have a job to deploy a new Windows 7 x64 image to the clients that works perfectly with a VM client, but fails with our desktop clients (Dell Optiplex 390, currently with WindowsXP).

The error appears to be located on the DeployAnywhere proccess. Attached are the result of this step (DA_logs.txt) and the execution of the eval mode of the command (DA_logs_eval.txt).

The drivers have been 'reincluded' in the DriversDB to check that are not corrupted. 

On the DA_Logs.txt we have detected the following error:

The retargeting operation of non-critical devices has completed successfully.
Setting up mini-setup and HAL...
An unknown exception was thrown during RetargetWindows::Retarget
Error while retargeting the system.

An unknown exception has occurred at %0 %1.

WinErr : 477
    WinErr - 

Any suggestion?

Other data of our enviroment:

The WinPE Image is 32 bits

This jobs works perfectly with a virtual machine.

If we reboot the desktop client workstation after the error, the process of deploy the windows 7 image seems to work correctly.

We are working with a 7.1 SP2 enviroment.

Operating Systems:

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Thomas Baird's picture

First, this is not a common error.

Second, it "suggests" a problem with Windows - corruption.

In this case, I'm not 100% sure how to proceed.  It made it part way through the retargeting and then failed at critical drivers.  Sooooo, maybe it's a memory / BIOS error?

Have you tried on a different physical system and/or different MODEL of system?

Thomas Baird
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