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Error displays as "This copy of Windows is not genuine".

Created: 09 Dec 2012 | 3 comments
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I found and Article on Error displays as "This copy of Windows is not genuine". mentioned in

Can somebody tell me is this Bug FIXED?

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It has not been fixed.

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Per the KB article:


Symantec is working with Microsoft to determine the root cause of this issue.  No near-term solution is currently known.

Based on initial reports, running PGP 10.2 MP5 and above and re-authenticating the Windows Genuine status seems to be resolving this issue.

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It appears we have been working with Microsoft on this one. It seems like a difficult issue to reproduce and fix since we are not seeing it occur very often in large environments.  I have this suggestion as a workaround to try:

1) upgrade to any newer PGP version first - 10.2 MP5 or newer

2) run a pgpwde --sync-bgfs and then try again:

pgpwde --sync-bgfs --disk 0 (or replace disk 0 with the drive number in question)

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