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Error e00002f7 Won't Go Away

Created: 17 Feb 2013 | 5 comments

It all started with a e0001904 error on the backup of our Exchange 2010 mailbox backup job.  I restarted the Exchange 2010 server and now I'm getting a e00002f7 error.  This is what is said exactally:

V-79-57344-759 - Unable to complete the operation for the selected resource using the specified options. The following error was returned when opening the Exchange Database file: '-1003 An invalid API parameter is being used. '

I've reinstalled the remote agent on the Exchange server, and nothing changed.  I've heard many different solutions, but none of them work.

It looks like only one of the 3 mailbox databases isn't backing up.  It's our primary mailbox database, so I'm looking for a solution quickly.

Any help is appreciated.

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Please check below link

Hope that helps



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...How EXACTLY does this help the OP when this addresses a completely different error?

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The link says that it happens when the backup goes to tape.  I get the error on tape and on disk.  I have seen people say that a simmilar error that they were having was only on tape, but this time the media doesn't matter.

It looks like it is only backing up the logs in all 3 of our mailbox databases.  No databases are being backed up now.

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OK...which version of BE 2010 are you using? R1/R2/R3? If not R3, consider upgrading to this and installing SP2 and any subsequent patches, before push-installing to the remote servers you have.


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I'm using R3.  I'm not sure if the remote agent version matters, but it's version 13.0.