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Error loading Recovery Solution Agent info: Error loading version resource: The system cannot find the file specified. (-2147024894)

Created: 02 Apr 2014 | 2 comments
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Prior to upgrading to ITMS 7.5, I decommissioned Recovery Solution in our environment. I turned off all of our client-facing Recovery policies (rollout and configuration) long before the upgrade. However, I am still seeing warnings in the client logs on our workstations that reflect that our machines still have some residual Recovery Solution configuration items.


I downloaded a utility to check to see if any residual Recovery Solution .dll files were left behind but did not find any. From there, I searched the registry for "Recovery Solution" and found several entries (nearly 40) similar to the one below.


Has anyone else seen anything like this on their clients? Have you had any luck cleaning this issue up?

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Hi Mike,

was RS Agent uninstall policy sent to client machines before you decommissioned Recovery Solution? Did that work for all the client machines?


Mike Pikkov

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We did activate the uninstall policy for Recovery. Prior to upgrading, most of the Recovery clients had been removed. We attributed the remaining machines to dead/inactive computer accounts.