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Error message when trying to restore from tape

Created: 01 Mar 2013 | 3 comments


I am getting when I am restoring a file from a backup I did 2 weeks ago.

We are running Netbackup 7.5. On a Windows platform.

Tapes loaded fine, cleaned all 8 drives and fired off the restore.

This is the error message i get

Error bptm (PID=5680) error requesting media TpErrno= Robot operation failed.sad

Can anyone help

Thanks Simon

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RamNagalla's picture

we would need more details. it might be a hardware issue?

what is your Tape library  ACS or TLD?

how backup are running on those tapes?

show us the output of


tpconfig -d

vmoprcmd -d

tpautocont -t

and bptm log

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When theres no backups running, run robtest ...see if you can move the tape in question. As the error states it looks like a robot issue.But if the robot cleaned the drives it sounds like it culd be specific to the media.


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As you are on Windows the Application (also also System) event viewer can really help here.

Takle a look at the events that happened at the time of the error and the details on the event may well well tell you exactly what is wrong.

Often it is because NetBackup cannot perform the operation it has been asked to - usually due to the inventory not being up to date, tapes in the wrong slots and also there can be hardware errors too (or the library being off line due to a door being open)

Tell us what you see in the events and we can advise from there

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