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an error occurs which status code is 800

Created: 31 Mar 2013 • Updated: 31 Mar 2013 | 7 comments
This issue has been solved. See solution.

Dear Symantec Team

an error occured today when i check the status of NBU's Backup which version is 7.0 running on Windows Server 2008.

Please Kindly help me to sovle the issue,here is the error information as below:

2013/3/31 11:00:36 - Requsting resource SIH_SPDB
2013/3/31 11:00:36 - Requsting resource sih-netbackup.NBU_CLIENT.MAXJOBS.SIH-SQLSPDB
2013/3/31 11:00:36 - Requsting resource sih-netbackup.NBU_POLICY.MAXJOBS.SIH_SPDB_SQL_DIFF
2013/3/31 11:00:36 - error nbjm(PID=6988) NBU status: 800, EMM status: Disk volume is down   
Requsting resource failed(800)

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RamNagalla's picture

2013/3/31 11:00:36 - error nbjm(PID=6988) NBU status: 800, EMM status: Disk volume is down  

you disk storage unit is not ready for backups?

are you using basic disk STU or any other Advance disk?

let us know about you Disk storage unit configuarions

John Constantine_Li Ji's picture

To Nagalla

yes,i have been using the basic disk,i found that it doesn't work when i use the command ping to the FAS2020's controller which have an ip,so i guess that is the reason,am i right?

RamNagalla's picture

I am not sure that could be the reason or not..

when you are getting this isuse...  are you able to see the mounted file system ( if unix) or Drive (if windows) with out any issues in media server?

just go the path of Disk storage unit, and try to create one text file if you are able to .., if not that confirm that disk is not avaliable in OS level..

if that is fine, try to up the disk in Netbackup with below command and see how it goes..

nbdevconfig -changestate -stype BasicDisk -state UP -dp <DSU_Name>

try the backup.

John Constantine_Li Ji's picture

Yes,it doesn't work,i can't create text file.
i find that the service of vitrual disk(VDS) is stopped in OS service list and i can not start it.

RamNagalla's picture

correct.. so you got the issue. .. Get your OS admin and Storage team to get this issue fixed...

once its got resovled.. netbakup marks the disk volume as and assing for next jobs.

even after issue got resovled. and netbackup showing as disk is down..

you can restart the netbackup in media server and also can use the below command to update the EMM server with New status of disk.

nbdevconfig -changestate -stype BasicDisk -state UP -dp <DSU_Name>

Marianne's picture

Seems your basic disk is a CIFS share on a FAS2020, right? And that you cannot access it OS level?

If the above is true, you need to fix access to the share at OS level, then NBU will be able to use it as well.

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John Constantine_Li Ji's picture

To Nagalla and Marianne van den Berg

Oh,gosh,cuz the VDS can not be started mannually,so today i am advised by our admin to try to restart the main media server on which nbu7.0 running in order that the VDS can start normally.but,as a result, the os can not be started,it is always stopped at the starting progress.

Finally,there is no way but asking for help from our OS admin and Storage Nagalla mentioned.
Thanks for your help...