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Error running FSA

Created: 29 Nov 2012 • Updated: 11 Mar 2013 | 4 comments
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I get errors when I run fsa archiving task, happens only with large files. This is from the report:

"*** Error *** - There is insufficient disk space to complete operation. (Exception from HRESULT: 0x80030070 (STG_E_MEDIUMFULL))"

EV 9.0.2 connecting with cifs to Hitachi Hcp ver

There is a lot of space left (4 TB) in the Hcp.

I am trying to archive a 75 gb file, and temp area on the server has 170 gb of free space.

Any ideas?


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What kind of file is it?
It could be that it's the indexable item part it's trying to create and it's just running out of memory to do it

You may want to run a quick procmon to see exactly where it's attempting to write to

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It´s a .bak file.

Run a dtrace on:

Id    Name                             Detail     Include Events
22  - EvFsaArchivingTask               Verbose    Yes        
52  - FSARunNow                        Verbose    Yes        

When I run the task it creates the file in temp folder then nothing happens.

Output from dtrace log:

237 14:01:33.156  [10080] (EvFsaArchivingTask) <6696> EV-M {FileSystemArchivingCheckPoint.SaveCheckPointInfoThread} SaveCheckPointInfoThread has woken up!
238 14:01:33.156  [10080] (EvFsaArchivingTask) <6696> EV-L {FileSystemArchivingCheckPoint.SaveCheckPointInfo} All volumes with this FSA Task were not fully processed. So, saving the FSA Task's state to the checkpoint file I:\FSATaskCheckPoint\Sestfil14 Appdata_EVSITE_ArchiveRunNow.xml.
239 14:01:33.156  [10080] (EvFsaArchivingTask) <6696> EV-M {FileSystemArchivingCheckPoint.SaveToCheckPointFile} Queue any unprocessed folders from last run for the next run.
240 14:01:33.156  [10080] (EvFsaArchivingTask) <6696> EV-M {FileSystemArchivingCheckPoint.SaveToCheckPointFile} Start collecting info about folders unprocessed or partially processed.
241 14:01:33.156  [10080] (EvFsaArchivingTask) <6696> EV-L {FileSystemArchivingCheckPoint.SaveToCheckPointFile} Folder \\?\UNC\\H$\EV_ArchiveFolder\SKB\CompanyDW\SKARP\Backup IRK DW SE OKT 2012-11-08 added to the partially processed folder array. The last file processed in the folder was .
242 14:01:33.156  [10080] (EvFsaArchivingTask) <6696> EV-M {FileSystemArchivingCheckPoint.SaveToCheckPointFile} There are total of 1 folders unprocessed. 0 folders are fully unprocessed. 1 folders are partially processed.
243 14:01:33.156  [10080] (EvFsaArchivingTask) <6696> EV-M {FileSystemArchivingCheckPoint.SaveToCheckPointFile} Collection about folders unprocessed or partially processed complete
244 14:01:33.156  [10080] (EvFsaArchivingTask) <6696> EV-M {FileSystemArchivingCheckPoint.SaveToCheckPointFile} Start collecting info about volumes fully walked.
245 14:01:33.156  [10080] (EvFsaArchivingTask) <6696> EV-M {FileSystemArchivingCheckPoint.SaveToCheckPointFile} Number of volumes completely walked is 1
246 14:01:33.156  [10080] (EvFsaArchivingTask) <6696> EV-L {FileSystemArchivingCheckPoint.SaveToCheckPointFile} Volume \\?\UNC\\H$ has been walked fully by the FSA Task. Copying it to the fully walked volume array.
247 14:01:33.156  [10080] (EvFsaArchivingTask) <6696> EV-M {FileSystemArchivingCheckPoint.SaveToCheckPointFile} Collection about volumes fully walked complete.
248 14:01:33.156  [10080] (EvFsaArchivingTask) <6696> EV-M {FileSystemArchivingCheckPoint.SaveToCheckPointFile} Start collecting info about volumes partially walked.
249 14:01:33.156  [10080] (EvFsaArchivingTask) <6696> EV-M {FileSystemArchivingCheckPoint.SaveToCheckPointFile} Number of volumes partially walked is 0
250 14:01:33.156  [10080] (EvFsaArchivingTask) <6696> EV-M {FileSystemArchivingCheckPoint.SaveToCheckPointFile} Collection about about volumes partially walked complete.
251 14:01:33.156  [10080] (EvFsaArchivingTask) <6696> EV-M {FileSystemArchivingCheckPoint.SaveCheckPointInfoThread} SaveCheckPointInfoThread has taken a checkpoint snapshot!
252 14:01:33.156  [10080] (EvFsaArchivingTask) <6696> EV-M {FileSystemArchivingCheckPoint.SaveCheckPointInfoThread} SaveCheckPointInfoThread is going to sleep for 600000 msecs!
330 14:11:33.183  [10080] (EvFsaArchivingTask) <6696> EV-M {FileSystemArchivingCheckPoint.SaveCheckPointInfoThread} SaveCheckPointInfoThread has woken up!

Events repeats every 10 min until archive of file failes with following error from the report.

*** Error *** - There is insufficient disk space to complete operation. (Exception from HRESULT: 0x80030070 (STG_E_MEDIUMFULL))

In Procmon what columns should I look at?

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I would expect to see some files created in the VSA temp folder.  Is that the temp folder you are referencing? 

You could also monitor memory usage for processes in task manager. 

I am not sure I have seen a file this large be archived with FSA.  I have seen files of many GB in size get archived without issue. 

As JesusWept3 stated it could also be an issue with attempting to index the item. 

Henfo's picture

In the end this errors was caused by insufficient diskspace :)