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Error v-79-57344-34028 only on Sundays and Mondays

Created: 25 Nov 2008 • Updated: 02 Mar 2009 | 2 comments

Hello, We have a backup job scheduled to run 7 days a week, starting at 7pm. The backup job backs up the whole hard drive, incl. OS and Data. Every Sunday night and Monday night, we get an error v-79-57344-34028 without fail. We rotate tapes every day (Monday - Friday,) and most of those days, the backups succeed.


The error says that the problem could be with the tape, the drive, or the SCSI interface. However, we have tried using multiple NEW tapes, and the problem persists - always Sunday, always Monday. The problem is not likely with the drive or the SCSI interface, since it backs up perfectly Tuesday - Saturday. Additionally, the same tape is used Saturday [with success,] and Sunday [with failure,] as on Friday [with success,] since no one is around to change the tapes.


We are going to disable the Sunday backup since no data is being changed on the weekend, which should eliminate the Sunday failure, but why then does the failure always happen on Monday? And more importantly, how can we get rid of it? 



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Every Thursday my back fails with the V-79-57344-34028 code.  It started in October, stopped in November, and started back up in December.  We've replaced the drive, the tapes, and recreated the jobs.  It's the same thing over and over.  Anyone support would be great! 

I'm running BE 12.0 on Windows Server 2003 SP2.

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Hi Tim,

Better to open a new forum query...this 1 is old and dead.

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