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Error when backing up vmdk with GRT (V79-57344-38721)

Created: 22 Mar 2013 | 1 comment
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Im trying to backup several VM clients through the VirtualCenter and have the GRT Option enabled.

Except one client, all other VMs are backed up successfully.

The failing one shows the error above: "Failed to mount one or more virtual disk images".

If I back up the VM without GRT enabled, backup runs successfully.

My question:

Is it possible that my backupserver runs out of disk space when mounting the virtual disk for GRT? 

If the backupserver has to provide disk space for that process, can I calculate it?

Or is the required disk space the same size that the virtual disk has?

Environment: BackupExec 2012, all hotfixes installed

BackupDevice: Dedup-Folder

Operating Systems:

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Hello Ralf,

    The error with which this backup is failing "V-79-57344-38721- Failed to mount one or more virtual disk images" is very generic. Only debug logs will give the exact cause of the failure.

One of the issue with this error is already fixed with in one of the hot fix in BE 2012. Please refer to the following technote and check if you have that HF installed : Backup of a virtual machine using the Agent for VMware Virtual Infrastructure (AVVI) completes with the following exception when GRT is enabled: "V-79-57344-38721- Failed to mount one or more virtual disk images"

There are other Known issues too with the same error in the Job log. Please refer to the following technote to refer to those Known issues: : Backup of VMware virtual machine to dedpulication storage folder completes with V-79-57344-38721 exception : Backup Exec 2012: Backups of virtual machines randomly fail with V-79-57344-38721 - Failed to mount one or more virtual disk images



Hope this piece of Information Helps you... and if it does then mark this response as Solution....!!!