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Error when testing backup job / MSSQL 2005

Created: 03 May 2012 | 1 comment

I am trying to create a backup job several MSSQL databases I need to back up as well.  When I go through and create the job, and test the resource credentials, I don't get an error for the databases.

But when I run a test run of the job, I'm getting the error below.  I have checked on the MSSQL database that the same default user that BE2010 uses is the database settings.  I have tried to add that user into the server roles in the 'sysadmin' group.  

And I have tried adding that same user into:  security>logins and set set it up with backup operator permissions for the database in question.

Each time, I'm getting:

Check status : Error: e0009b84, The job failed with the following error: 
The logon account that was provided does not have the appropriate privileges to back up the SQL database . Either assign the appropriate privileges to this logon account, or use another logon account.

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Have a look at this KB -

Few other points to be considered -

- If the account is a domain admin account then it needs to be added to the local admin group on the SQL server and to the SQL security logins with the public & sysadmin server roles. Refer document TECH87628.

- If the account is a local admin account and the SQL server is in workgroup then assign the necessary privileges as per TECH87628.

- The resource credentials for the local admin account will still fail with the error but if the authentication is correct then the backup will be successful. This error represents an expected behavior. The Backup Exec Agent for Microsoft SQL Server always checks for domain administrator rights during test run jobs. This behavior is by design.

Note: Even though the test job and credentials check will fail, the job will still run successfully if the credentials are correct.