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Error:0xe000fe0d Device specific error occurred.

Created: 19 Nov 2012 | 9 comments


I am receiving the error BU to disc job fails w/error - refer to V-79-57344-33037...  but I do not have any of the suggested information (Event id 33808/B2D created) listed.

I am backing up to an  internal tape drive.

I am also getting the cannot update .dr but maybe that's not related?

Thanks for any help!! 

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Are you backing up to disk or tape?  you mentioned both.

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Hi Larry

To tape.  The msg i looked up talked about B2D....  i have no B2D setup.


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I would first ensure Backup Exec is fully patched up with all update using live update & then will ensure tape drivers for symantec are upto date too

Also do a good power cycle but powering off the server & tape unit & then powering on the tape unit first and waiting for it to intialize and then powering on the server

You can check the windows event viewer for the event id :-5,7,9,11,15.on Media server

See if your basic operation like inventory or erase are working fine.



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THe tape drive is internal so it powers up when the server does.  I am able to do inventory.  have not done an erase.  Will try after my backup finishes this afternoon.

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When a backup is not successful, the .dr file is not created because there is no point in creating it, the backup may or may not get you back your system.

You should post the entire error message or attach the job log in HTML format.

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Hi phk

This is the Job Completion Status:

Job ended: Monday, November 19, 2012 at 2:35:25 PM
Completed status: Failed
Final error: 0xe000fe0d - A device-specific error occurred.
Final error category: Resource Errors

For additional information regarding this error refer to link V-79-57344-65037

This is the Exceptions:

Click an exception below to locate it in the job log
Backup- Shadow?Copy?Components The .DR file that is required for Intelligent Disaster Recovery is not updated.
Backup- System?State The .DR file that is required for Intelligent Disaster Recovery is not updated.

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You have a device error which means that your tape drive is not functioning correctly.  You whould run the manufacturer's diagnostic utility against the tape drive to check it out.  Make sure that you select the write test and that all the BE services are stopped beforehand.

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I cant find any mfg diags for this Dell PV unit. is there any diag's w/in BE itself i can run?   I did a test backup of 1 directory on the c drive and i do not get any errors at all.


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No.  Normally diagnostic utilities are from the device manufacturer.