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ESM - IIS Attributes

Created: 12 Sep 2012 | 1 comment
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A query;

I'm trying to troubleshoot a few custom IIS policies, and am having trouble as the IIS server reports one thing (e.g. a value for AspEnableParentPaths is "false") - but trying ESM for false, False, FALSE, true, True, TRUE, 0, 1 doesn't match the attribute value.

Is there a way to get ESM to report exactly what it's seeing from the IIS server? I.e. if the IIS server reports that the attribute value is "green Elf" - where can I see this in ESM?


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Hi, did you get the solution? I'm trying to use IIS policy as well, the template Metabase settings or IIS 7.0 setting did any result(no problem found), not sure why? any idea?