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ETA for Windows Server 2012 Support

Created: 01 Oct 2012 • Updated: 15 Mar 2013 | 15 comments
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Does anyone have any information on when Windows Server 2012 and the accompanying Hyper-V version will be supported by Backup Exec?

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The Beta program for Backup Exec 2012 R2 has now been postponed to "early in Q2 2013". Hey! Windows Server 2012 was released in September 2012, and there was a developer preview in September 2011! How can it be that we have to wait almost one year from the RTM of a new product until the FIRST version of Backup Exec that is able to back it up???

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I agree. Ridiculous that given that amount of time, Symantec releases BE 2012 without Windows Server 2012 support. 

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I agree also at this point with no new information the only option is to start migrating all customers to another backup product that does support server 2012.

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...just as an aside, I got an email from a competitor (NOT Veeam) stating they now had support for Windows Server 2012 and Windows 8...

Alternative ways to access Backup Exec Technical Support:

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CraigV, please post the competitors products. I need to start looking around. Maybe if enough people do this it will ignite a fiure under that lame asses of Symantec. Man they really blew this bad.

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Hi guys - agreed, we are not where we woud like to be. We're heads down building Windows Server 2012 agent support into the next beta and appreciate your feedback. Keep an eye on our blogs, Twitter feeds and Google+ Hangouts for the latest information.

Director of Marketing, NetBackup

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"It is supporter in the next version" is an internal joke when we have issues at my workplace.

But what do we do if our customers has issues? We work day and night until the issue is revolved and our customers are pleased.

Support for Windows Server 2012 should be an important hotfix now (should been last year).
Fix it!

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Wasn't the developer preview of Server 2012 released at the end of 2011? Symantec is just now getting their "heads down building Windows Server 2012 agent support"?

I am getting quotes from several other vendors. My company has had it with Symantec.

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hiker_42 - we goofed, we've changed things and the proof is just around the corner. I can tell you that the beta will get you what you need and might buy you the time to make up your mind about what you want to do. I wish it were otherwise, but this is the straight story.

Director of Marketing, NetBackup

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Hi Drew,

I'm sure you can understand many of your customers concerns though, as it is somewhat difficult to deploy an operating system when there isn't support for backing it up!

We can appreciate taking the time to get things right but could you provide us with more information about why the delay was made? For instance, are you adding new features you aren't prepared to talk about at this time or is it simply you've had trouble getting a few things to work?

I think we'd all prefer to see at least something. For instance could the agent for Server 2012 be released separately as a beta rather than as part of SP2 or is SP2 required for it?

Additionally, are we going to see support for newer releases of enterpise Linux such as RHEL 6.4 and it's derivatives as, and I'm sure you'd agree, not supporting a newer release that provides security fixes is a signifigant issue for many organisations.



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Stephen, the time is going into extended testing to be sure anything we deliver is as solid as it can be. This includes roling up the hotfixes from the past ~9 months. It's taking longer than anticipated because we've put some new people, automation and process in place for our QA teams. If we deliver early, you'll hear it here first.

We know everyone needs Windows Server 2012 support and we've got it as the number one priority.

You should ask your RHEL question over on the beta blog. I'll see what I can learn and get back to you.

Director of Marketing, NetBackup

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Since the beta has been delayed, can we expect any support for INSTALLATION onto server 2012, or can we expect remote agent support only?

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UPDATE (same info is on the Beta blog, but thought I'd add it to this thread too):

1. Public beta release is in May
2. General Availability is in July

We, of course, could hit these dates ahead of schedule, but this is what you can plan on.

Director of Marketing, NetBackup