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EV 10 in a building blocks configuration

Created: 12 Sep 2012 • Updated: 13 Sep 2012 | 3 comments
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This issue has been solved. See solution.

I have an EV 10.0.1 server in prodcution. I am trying to setup a DR EV Server using building blocks scenario.

In the DR site there is a new server with EV application installed but not configured. Disks containing Vault Store, index are replicated using third party software and use same drive letter on DR EV server. There is an SQL Server in the DR Site. The SQL Server from production is replicated to DR SQL server using log shipping.

I would like to know on how to proceed after installing EV on the DR server. I assume that I have to run the Configuration wizard but do I create a new Directory DB or use existing? Should the DR EV Server be in the same "EV site" as production for building blocks failover to work?

Please advise



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Building blocks is intended to allow one EV server to pick up the workload of another in the same site. It's really intended for single server failure, not whole site failure.

As such, the EV servers should all be in the same EV site, and using the same directory database.

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You should seek advise from Quadrotech or Glasshouse for such planned implemetation.

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I have configured the EV Server in the DR site to use the Directory of the EV Server in main site and also the DR EV server will be part of the main EV site.

The idea is there is an DR SQL Server which is being replicated with the SQL Server in the main site using SQL replication technology. All the drives of the EV Server are replicated to the DR site using reliable third party software and available to the DR EV Server using the same paths.

In the event of site DR I beleive if DR SQL server is made available to the EV Server and the required scripts are run to modify the SQL server in the Directory DB and other locations it should work. So this is a combination of USL and Change SQL Server. Correct me if I am wrong.