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EV 10 for Domino: Access EV Search in iNotes

Created: 16 Jun 2013 • Updated: 24 Jun 2013 | 2 comments
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I have a EV for Domino environment that wants to access archive through iNotes (DWA). It is now in EV 10.0.3 and Domino version 8.5. I have an external name for the iNotes which differs from internal name, as I need all external communication are in SSL, the iNotes servers does not have SSL cert and I did the reverse proxy in ISA.

When I access to the EV search in iNotes, it does return results but when I click on the link, it calls the internal host name of the Domino server and yet it is in HTTPS. Since I did not bind SSL cert in Domino internally, the archived item cannot be displayed.

My questions are:

1. Can EV return external host name instead of internal host name?

2. Why does it return HTTPS? It seems because my EVDG is in SSL, it assumes my iNotes is also SSL.

Anyone has the experience to get through the problem?

Many thanks!

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1. Can EV return external host name instead of internal host name?

EV for Domino does not handle what I would describe as dual personalities for Domino servers well (i.e. servers that have both an internal and an external facing name and/or web address). It needs to get Domino server details for both the EVDG and the home mail server in the scenario you describe, and specifically the web address for these servers to dynamically build URLs to retrieve and display an archived item. This info is ultimately based on the values stored in the Domino server documents in the Domino Directory in either HTTP_HostName (Internet protocols tab, Host name(s) field) if it is populated, if not SMTPFullHostDomain (Basics tab\Fully qualified Internet host name field)

So, in your scenario where the EVDG and/or the home mail servers have two potential web facing addresses (internal and external), I would always recommend that you settle on the lowest common denominator for an EV installation (the external address, as it should be accessible for both internal and external users) and ensure this is reflected accordingly in the relevant fields on the server docs so that it is returned to EV on dynamic lookups

Improvements to EV for Domino to better handle such dual personality scenarios has been a long outstanding enhancement request, but has never been actioned as it can usually be worked around with configuration tweaks such as I am suggesting above

2. Why does it return HTTPS? It seems because my EVDG is in SSL, it assumes my iNotes is also SSL.

As already mentioned, a retrieval requires interaction with both the EVDG and the home mail server, and our code makes a decision that if the interaction with the EVDG is secured with SSL / https, then we should interact with the mail server in an equally secure manner, so that we respect the highest levels of security that the environment demands.

If your environment does not consider SSL a requirement on the home mail servers when they are accessed over iNotes, then there is no logical justification to have it on the EVDG as well, and I would suggest you can resolve this hurdle by simply removing SSL from the EVDG so all retrieval interactions occur over http only

I hope that helps. If you feel these modifications are not suitable to your environment, they do not resolve your issues or you have a valid business justification for not being able to implement them, then I would recommend opening a support case so your use case can be investigated and considered further, as this dual personality scenario is certainly one that we are aware can provide some interesting challenges.


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Hi Paul,

Thanks for your explanation. 

It seems the observed behaviour is it returned the FQDN address. However, I have checked that the HTTP_Hostname has been defined already. 

Please let me know if it is the real behaviour or some settings can be tuned to use HTTP_Hostname to return.