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EV 10 FSA question

Created: 15 Oct 2012 • Updated: 15 Oct 2012 | 10 comments
This issue has been solved. See solution.

If we archive a File using FSA and shortcut is now converted to placeholder and shortcut settings is to delete archived file when shortcut is deleted.

However, what will happen if a placeholder is opened and the file is deleted (Not the placeholder), will the archived file in vault store be deleted in that case?

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Wayne Humphrey's picture

Of corse, it will be deleted.

However you cannot have a placeholder "open"! If you double click on a placeholder, it triggers a recall and the ORIGINAL item will be opened, not the placeholder.

ia01's picture

Hi Wayne,

When we open a placeholder, file is recalled to original state. Now if we delete that file, the archive version will be deleted as well or the archived version stays in archive?

Many Thanks

Wayne Humphrey's picture


I’m 99% sure it will get removed, I might stand corrected.

ia01's picture

I'm just testing this scenario with EV 10.0.1 and EV 10.0.2

I have FSA configured with "Delete on Delete" enabled.

When I delete the placeholder the file is still in archive.

When I recall a placeholder and delete the file, archived version is still in archive.

Am i missing something?

Many Thanks

Wayne Humphrey's picture

What is your "prevent deletion" in RC & "delete items" in the site settings  set to?

ia01's picture

Sorry I was missing a vital settings on File server properties -> Delete Placeholder" option was wrong. I though the changes in Policy would work, but didn't realise that we have to change the settings on File server properties as well.

Many Thanks

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glad you all sorted out ;)

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Here is my test results on Deleting FSA placeholder - deleting archived files

* If you SHIFT+Delete Placeholder - Archived file is deleted

* If you delete placeholder and then placeholder goes to recycle bin and you empty the recycle bin - archived file is not deleted

* If you recall a placeholder then delete the recalled file - archived file is not deleted

Is that normal by design?

Many Thanks

Wayne Humphrey's picture

1) Yes

2) Not Sure (someone else?) i recall somthing about beeing hard delete but am not 100% sure

3) Yes