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EV 10 FSA - temp folder on EV server and temp folder on File server

Created: 16 Oct 2012 • Updated: 17 Oct 2012 | 5 comments
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Hi guys, 

What is the best practices for EV 10 FSA - temp folder on EV server and temp folder on File server?

We have EV FSA task running 20 concurrent threads, 10GB temp folder disk on EV server but running out space when archive run happens, if we can't increase the disk size for example can we change the task thread to 5 so that it uses less space on temp folder?

Also does FSA archive run / placeholder service uses temp folder on file server itself? just been told by the Symantec support to change the temp fodler on file server to another disk as C:\ drive has 4gb free space. Is there any best practice how much temp space we need on File server itself (Not on EV server)?

Many Thanks

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that seems a lot, the task only seems to create the temp files when converting content, this is an in process task and the file are removed when the item is converted, we have seen a few files the convertors have problems with namley certain excel files creating huge output.

you could run a procmon with the following filters and check the file sizes being written:

Path contains 'temp' & EvFsaArchivingTask.exe & operation = IRP_MJ_WRITE && file access only (drop filtered events)

10:15:03.5346503 EvFsaArchivingTask.exe 3000 IRP_MJ_WRITE C:\Users\vsa\AppData\Local\Temp\EV$CVT$2892$0.xls SUCCESS Offset: 0, Length: 10,324,240, Priority: Normal 2892

He we see 10mb being written whilst converting an Excel doc.

No IMHO we dont use the %temp% on the FS whilst archiving.

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For the EV Server you are going to get those temp files created from the converted content. They will be cleaned up, but you might be able to encourage them to go a little faster with the DelFileTypes and DelFilesOlderThanHours reg keys:

For the file server. - Its going to depend on what is happening on the file server, and what options are enabled.

For example, FSAreporting creates information in the installation folder - you might want to move this if on the C: drive:

Also, pass through recall needs a cache location on the remote file server. You might be tempted to place that in C:\windows\temp

I cant think of anything that specifically uses the temp folder on the file server though. Normal recalls are done in place in the same folder where the placeholder is (bring a big enough file back and you can see the placeholder temp file being written)



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