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EV 10 Licensing trying to find how many active mailboxes archiving

Created: 07 Nov 2012 • Updated: 09 Nov 2012 | 4 comments
This issue has been solved. See solution.
* from mbx entry - 2634
archiving state 0 = 358
archiving state 1 = 1789
archiving state 2 = 474
archiving state 3 = 13
Archiving state = 1 and PolicyEntryID IS NOT NULL = 1134
0 = Not Enabled 
1 = Enabled 
2 = Disabled 
3 = Re-Link
I guess active mailboxes we archiving is 1134 ? Correct?
archiving state 1 = 1789, some mailboxes were enabled and archived in past but under new provisioning groups they are not archived any more.
Can anyone pelase suggest?
Many Thanks

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RahulG's picture

refer the following forum post

Just to find the infromation quickly you may run the archiving task in Report mode and check the report .

ia01's picture

Unfortunately we have tried this and for some reason report mode run not producing any report.

So this number below is correct?

Archiving state = 1 and PolicyEntryID IS NOT NULL = 1134

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Actually the number may or may not be accurate. If you see the licensing guide (or read that forum post), Enterprise Vault mailbox archiving is licensed per user, not per archive or mailbox. The number you will have obtained there is the number of mailboxes which are currently enabled for archiving and have a policy applied. Group mailboxes and resource mailboxes (if you are archiving these) would therefore be counted in the query you have just run, but would not count towards your license total.

So, if you know how many non-user mailboxes are being archived, then remove this from the total above and you should have your answer. If there is an easy way of identifying these (i.e they are all in a particular provisioning group, or are all 'hidden' or all have disabled accounts) then the query may be modified to work in your particular instance.

EV will not disable itself if you go over your license count for mailbox archiving though.



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